Sabah: for Donald trump Turkey more important than EU

Sabah: для Дональда Трампа Турция важнее, чем ЕС

Turkish-American relations that pass through a painful process, as noted by President Erdogan, will somehow go back to normal, despite the foggy weather. Resolve problems one way or another seems inevitable.In this sense, Mr. Erdogan and U.S. President Donald trump, despite attempts by economic, bureaucratic and political sabotage by the opposition, perched over the ocean, in Europe, the middle East and in our country, to date, made significant progress on many issues.Yesterday’s summit, apparently, will contribute to the creation of a new roadmap for the further development of relations between the US and Turkey. The priority for Turkey is, of course, the final elimination of the risk of a terrorist state in Northern Syria. In this context, it is imperative the emergence of the new view first and foremost the security issue.As for the other files…it Becomes clear that a new period of such topics as the terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen), the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) / people’s protection Units (YPG), the F-35, s-400, economic sanctions and the Eastern Mediterranean will be addressed when a more independent and competitive strategies. After the summit Erdogan and the tramp, contrary to popular belief, was not a meeting where the question was: “the end of a relationship or the continuation”. Therefore, we expect the enemies of Turkey, gap will not happen, and all who hoped for a deepening of the crisis of confidence in Turkey’s relations with the United States, will be disappointed.It is assumed that not only the US and Turkey but also whole world in which we live, is at a crossroads. Formed a new global order. In this regard, despite the fact that the two countries have different perceptions of threats on certain issues, especially in the North of Syria, if the U.S. set Turkey against itself in the global and regional scales, it will turn to very high cost.New strategic reality compels US to pursue a more peaceful policy towards Turkey. And banner policy focused on gaining Turkey as an ally, bears trump. Common strategic goals require complex and closely intertwined issues in the relations between the two countries was allowed anyway. In this regard, sanctions and support strategies FETÖ and the PKK / YPG only contribute to further alienation of Turkey from the United States.The US, of course, change its policy of domination in Eurasia and the middle East, which relied on the EU. In the American strategy for the XXI century Turkey already occupies a more important position than the EU. Turkey is one of the key players in the new geopolitical map of the global system, which is gradually starting to materialize. Turkey sounds on all platforms after Russia and China. Now Turkey is among the four major players in the geopolitical hierarchy of the forces along with the USA, Russia and China.The strength of our country derives from the presence of capacity when the occupied position to significantly influence the regional and global balance of power. Reason American strategist Alan O. Makovsky (Alan O. Makovsky) said that “Turkey has proven value for US.”As emphasized and Devlet Bahceli (Devlet Bahçeli, Chairman of the nationalist movement Party of Turkey — approx. TRANS.), “friendship with Turkey is very valuable, and hostility is very dangerous.” And the United States, without a doubt, the best understand it. Because they are unable to put a Turkey on your knees, despite all kinds of scripts that tried to use, from the protests around Gezi Park and ending with the coup attempt on 15 July 2016.That’s why in the coming period, Turkey’s relations with the US will determine the reality of a “new Turkey” that acts more independently and to defend national interests.As we saw from the summit of the leaders of the United States and Turkey, America when Donald trump also tries to adapt to the process and a new reality.

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