Sabah: U.S. sanctions — a vicious circle for the United States

Sabah: американские санкции — порочный круг для США

The US Congress is covered by anti-Turkish sentiments, made new steps. On 29 October, the bill on sanctions against Turkey passed the House of representatives, where he received the highest support.And on Wednesday, December 11, the Senate Committee on foreign relations passed a bill on sanctions. In Washington expect that in coming days the bill will pass the Senate and will be on the table to President Trump.It is believed that if the bill will be included in the agenda of the Senate, it will be approved by a majority of votes, what’s to stop a President to veto.Which in this case will apply trump: will postpone the signing of the bill or will choose at least 5 of the 12 sanctions in the framework of the law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA)?And the F-35, and CAATSAthis bill is a reaction to the purchase by Turkey of the s-400 system from Russia and operation “Source of peace” in the North of Syria.The us side said that the s-400 declassify the F-35, which is the only project of the fifth generation fighter the United States, and thereby put an end to NATO’s superiority in the air. However, Ankara has purchased air defense system from Russia, after they get from its allies. Turkey in any case not wished to harm either the project F-35, in which she herself participates, nor NATO’s superiority in the air.Moreover, for this reason, during the recent visit of President Erdogan to Washington, the two leaders agreed to establish a Commission for the discussion of technical issues that may create a joint operation of the F-35 and s-400. The Senate passed this initiative without even waiting for the results of the work of the Commission. The document envisages the expulsion of the F-35. Within CAATSA taken aim at the defense industry and the energy sector.The issue is seen not so much from security concerns of the US and NATO, but with the position of the desire to punish Turkey.The effects can last for decades, the Congress in its present spiritual state can cause such damage to Turkish-American relations, that they are like a machine with the refused brakes will rush down the slope. With the initiation of a number of sanctions comes the kind of madness that can completely derail bilateral relations. To this point has led many reasons. Especially in recent years, the lobby acting in favor of Turkey, over on the other flank. There is also the influence of anti-Russian sentiment due to disputes about intervention of Russia in election 2016. The acquisition of Ankara-400 is perceived as the expansion of the Russian arms market. In addition, the interaction with the people’s protection Units (YPG) obviously had a negative impact on the position of the Pentagon towards Turkey. Congress produces costs, whose influence on the relations of the two countries will persist for decades.The poison of the internal policy ofCongress, as you know, I like to challenge the President on foreign policy, making Turkey a tool for achieving political goals. Even Republicans are putting pressure on trump via Turkey. Because of this pressure, trump, against whom, and so started the procedure of impeachment, largely narrowing the space for maneuver. This storm looming over bilateral relations through the fault of congressmen, most of whom do not have the proper knowledge about US policy towards Turkey, it is impossible to explain with the help of strategic analysis. This Eclipse of the American political mind. Congress bogged down in anger and narrow interests, it pushes in the direction of undermining long term US interests.And in Washington, it seems, are not left insuring the levers to stop this movement. The fact that the issue of Turkey trump has a more intelligent, strategic approach than Congress and leading American institutions, I think, is one of the paradoxes of the American system.A vicious circlebecause of this chaos in Washington does not see that the campaign “Turkey is moving closer to Russia, let’s punish her” would bring Ankara to Moscow.The US does not take into account how the credibility of the Washington, D.C., when he takes on the sight of his ally with sanctions. In Washington have forgotten that they themselves were alienated Turkey from itself, starting in 2013 its policy against Russia, Syria, the YPG, the terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen (FETÖ), and complain to Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia. And the output is found in the sanctions that could further bring Turkey to Russia.A real vicious circle. USA, who themselves gave the solution to the Syrian crisis in the hands of Russia, set a price Turkey. Now, starting from the inevitable consequences of this preference, they again are moving towards even greater repulsion of Turkey. Let’s hope trump will be able to find an option that will allow you to resolve the problem with less damage.

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