Sabantuy heartily: “the WORLD” is waiting for guests in Kolomna

Сабантуй от всей души: «МИР» ждет гостей в Коломенском

Interstate TV and radio company “MIR” invites everyone to the Moscow international festival “Sabantuy 2019”, which will take place on 6 July in Kolomenskoye.

“Sabantuy 2019” is one of the brightest ethno-cultural events of this summer.

“WORLD” has in store for guests:

– Huge balloon for approval.

– Mobile Studio program “in the restaurant”: broadcast photography will be held under the open sky. Those interested will be able to observe the process from a lounge area on the puffs;

– Photo zone with the banners of the programs of “Such a mother can’t teach”, “Cult//Tourism”, “restaurant”, “Game movie” themed competitions and gifts;

– Master-classes on painting bags and spoons ornaments of the Turkic peoples;

Quiz “Turkic words in Russian language” on the main stage of the festival.

On the picturesque territory of the Museum-reserve of guests also waiting for a “city activities” for children and adults. It is the Tatar and Bashkir villages with their national colors and traditional games, wrestling on belts kuresh, the exhibition-sale of Souvenirs, food court with ethnic cuisine, ethnic fashion-Shater, a business area “the Alley project”.

Traditionally concert venues of the festival will be performances of pop stars, song and dance groups.