Sacred sacrifice of the “Heavenly hundred”, as a form of worship of the people to the devil

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

In a satanic magical different ethno-religious forms and cults over the centuries to meet the devil there was a ceremony bringing him the sacred victim. 21, in contrast to the dark middle ages, presents us with “civilized” refined, cynical, charming (enchanted) example of such a sacrifice.The concept of the sacred victim, as a form of developonline, is any of the African tribes and practice voodoo, though the shamans of the North and of the priests of the Indian tribes of the Americas, in the worship of the priests of Tibet and India, chernomorov Europe and the secret societies like the Freemasons, the aborigines of Australia Oceania. But in Kiev was revealed to the climax and the height of the arts behind the scenes of the priests with the affect of intoxication and okoldovana millions of people.

As the name itself (a hundred – i.e., the number of deaths), and the meaning of the deaths on the Maidan in Kiev was known to planners before the realization of the plan. It is clear that this is not a natural phenomenon, but a deeply thoughtful details and a sacrifice to the devil. And it’s not even trained snipers who shot people like technical modern form of the cult of the instruments of sacrificial victims, and we are talking primarily about the sacredness of victims of “hundreds of Heaven” and its “heavenly”.

So what is her sacredness, what is the “nebelnest” the sacred victim? Responding to this, then you will understand what kinds of procedures and why will appear “nebelnest” killed hundreds.

This question is very multifaceted and relates to the disclosure in the following aspects:
1. Moral;

2. Psychological;

3. Political;

4. Spiritual and historical;

5. Economic;

6. Magic.

1. So, moral of the Cathedral and civilizational choice of the victims and all those who stood on the Maidan, or sympathized with, or shared ideas, even at a distance bears the same moral responsibility to their generations and God.

People wanted a better life, but how moral is this position? After all, there is nothing bad in the best everyday life. But here is the question, what moral price that must be achieved? That in return gives man? What “magic” by such a person achieves well-being?

The EU with its high social standards – home Paradise. For most gastroenerology and Bouncing suddenly seemed to receive a pension of 1,000 euros is not necessary work of the country’s economy, but rather “magically” put a pot on his head, to jump and to chant “Europe with us”.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(Magic ritual: put on the pot and in Europe)

Connected Europe the Antichrist gave their moral terms: the legalization of LGBT values, the legalization of prostitution and drugs, euthanasia and other “democratic” values. Those who called themselves the people of Ukraine, gladly accepted these terms, in defiance of their family and their country, their faith in God.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(“Democratic values” adopted from Europe)so, in moral terms of personal choice – to die on the Maidan is a to die for cult of the Golden Calf, the worship of Moloch in the face of the EU, and in the civilizational choice of the people is to spit in the Eyes of the Lord, a betrayal of the Kievan baptismal font, when a person is in favor of wealth, the devil kneels and takes the satanic laws of the EU. To sell his soul to the devil for worldly reasons, consciously or not consciously, with the dream of a better life, the nation becomes a sacred devil’s victim.

Such a devilish mockery of Ukrainians, and especially on relatives of the deceased “hundreds” is that in their memory in Nikolaev in 2015. was blue the Wake of the “cultural LGBT Maidan” – it’s LGBT pride parade held in their honor.

“The goal of this social project is to promote dialogue among the different communities at the regional level through holding cultural, sports and educational activities that break down stereotypes and socio-cultural barriers that prevent gays and lesbians feel full-fledged participants of the Ukrainian society”, — quotes Dnr-news message of the “LEAGUE”.

How would you it may seem commonplace, constant burning of the fire on the Maidan, the constant hell of the stench of burning tires, the glorification of “heroes” hundreds, depicting them in the fire, it is a cult rite of Moloch, about whom the Bible says:“built temples to Baal in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to carry through the fire their sons and their daughters in honor to Molech, which I did not command them, and to my mind came, to do this abomination” (Jerem 32:35). Isn’t the honor of eurocastle passed through the Maidan fire?

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(“Conduct through the fire their sons and their daughters in honor to Molech, which I did not command them, and to my mind came, to do this abomination” (Jerem 32:35))

2. The psychological aspect of this sacrifice is not accidental rests on the specific title number – “hundreds”, it’s like a psychological barrier-the Rubicon, and overcoming unleashes and gives a limit on the killing of dissidents.

In the light of recent reports it appears that due to the lack of the number of victims in the “hundreds” finishing dead people, far beyond the events of the Maidan.

It is clear that such enrollment is not a natural event.Here conceived and implemented a clear manipulation, built on antagonism. Hundred is heroes, everyone who does not agree with the Maidan – the enemies they need to kill, and the achievement of this goal is through the dehumanization of opponents in an evolutionary way – aunts, then separatists, then the terrorists, Colorado, it is not the people, and therefore to kill them is “sacred”.With the help of sacred sacrifices in the masses of the people implemented fascist-racist ideology and reformats the human consciousness. So, later, cult statement was a statement of “coolies forehead” policy Yatseniuk to residents of Donbas – subhuman (untermensch), in the mouth of greckokatolicka E. Nischuk, Minister of culture of Ukraine there are statements in the spirit of Nazi eugenics, to which all the inhabitants of the Eastern regions of Ukraine “no genetics”

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(With the help of sacred sacrifices in the masses of the people implemented fascist-racist ideology and reformats the human consciousness.)

In psychological terms, a very necessary sacrifice “hundreds”, for which revenge is Patriotic and “moral,” justified and “Holy,” and therefore not a sin. And this is especially the tried servants of the devil “the Church,” the UOC-KP and the UGCC. The so-called “Patriarch” Filaret said: “the residents of Donbass must atone for the blood of the sin federalization”, and the former head of the Uniates (UGCC) Lubomyr Husar called for: “a natural right of the people to take to arms.”

3. The political dimension. Unequivocally that the “heavenly hundred” it is the wonderful screen, which pulls on “Patriotic” attention, which is embodied under the guise of predatory colonialist policy of the USA and EU in Ukraine.

Sionitskoy there are clans that openly committed genocide on the population of the country and not only where there is a war. The word “Heavenly hundred” in the mouth “Ukrainian” politicians sounds like a PR own political career. In socio-political terms, with the sacredness of death, creating an atmosphere of Russophobia, as a part of the US geopolitics on the formation of the state of Ukraine as anti-Russian Outpost. This is clearly evidenced by open speech of Igor Kolomoisky, said on 25 September 2014. in Haifa in honor of Rosh Hashanah (see photo).

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

A Moskal and Russia must be the enemy, which does not give the opportunity to realize the dream. This antagonism is easier, of course, to start a war that was planned and happened. In the pursuit of eurocastle “Ukrainian” is ready to kill his brother in the civil war, and fratricide “Heavenly hundred” is an inspirational sacred satanic sacrifice.

It is very important for the idea behind the scenes of the priests that the sacred victim would be multinational.Killed on independence of the Armenian Ohan not yet sitting on the train, had already been sentenced to the slaughter, as it was necessary to Russophobia and the ideology of fascism, in connection sacred victim would be multinational – demons-Russophobes and fascists of all countries, unite!4. Spiritual-historical aspects of a satanic sacrifice. A hundred is as a seal and confirmation that the Russian people, who was baptized Holy Prince Vladimir, is not Russian, he’s already okreek – Ukrainian. Maidan and its sacred victim is a confirmation to distort the historical truth and justice, betrayal of his name at baptism – and the Holy Russian Kievan Rus in exchange for europolice. It is a betrayal of their Christian birthright in exchange for a fat, but anti-Christian Garou, as did the biblical Esau, selling their birthright for a mess of pottage (Gen. 25:29-34).

But this europolicy with the obvious and cynical betrayal has not got to the people of Ukraine, and I want to say why. It is not included in the plans of neither the EU nor the United States. Plan only one – Russophobia, anti-Russian Outpost and the war that they are successfully implemented.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(Russophobia is Aurora – the ideology of the state of Ukraine)

On television brazenly lied that the Association and accession to the EU are the same. But for Ukrainians what? The degradation and extinction, deprivation of the country.

Christianity has left us a heritage among various peoples and tribes of Russia – Evangelical friendship of peoples, which is based on love. Even in godless Union is cultivated, and accustomed from childhood.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(In every act there is always a moral choice)

In contrast to this the devil served pride, it was based the ideology of Bandera fascism, when human life is not worth anything for a new deity – “Ukraine onover truncated!”.Pride and its cultivation, as a state policy, is the moral core of the entire “heavenly” of the victims, who did not even suspect that they sacrificed to the devil, the Golden calf or Molech – worship of eurocastle. “For the beginning of sin is pride, and possessed it spews filth (Sir. 10:15).5. In economical terms, the symbol of sacrifice “hundreds” teaches people to save and sacrifice for the sake of future better life in aurorae. The accumulation of thoughts, dreams, focus their far-distant hope is getting constantly nourished by the sacrifice, increase the strength of Satan’s sacred sacrifice “hundreds”. People no longer serve God, and devote their lives to ghostly phantom, for which even die, i.e., worship is not illusory object, specifically the devil.

As you know, after the sacrifice of “hundreds” of many EU countries and the world, in sympathy, gave generous compensation monetary gifts to the families of the victims, even one of the Northern countries of Europe has allocated around one million euros. But it is not difficult to guess that these money to the families not inherited. It turned out that the cult of “heavenly” hundreds of political manipulation more in demand than monetary compensation to the families of the victims.But do not pity those who died, because they like the best?

Definitely Yes. But we are talking about the moral content of the cult of sacrifice:

“The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination, especially when brought with evil intent” (Prov. 21: 27).6. The magical cult of the victim “Heavenly hundred.” Yes, Yes, that is an element of ritual magic, i.e. the sacrificial killings are a form of service and worship to the devil.In many magical rituals and satanic cults in the calling of the devil and receive from him the strength practiced sacrilege, sacrilege, blasphemy and desecration of the Shrine. These conditions with a mechanical-kinetic position open space for the invasion and stay the power of the devil, which got its limit on part, as in the human soul, and in the space of the state. And, as you know, these ceremonies are not only sacred Christian relics-artifacts desecration, but the human and the sacred victim.It is enough to trace the events of the revolution, 1918 – murder of the head of state, the Lord’s anointed, “bloody” king of the Holy Nicholas II with his family and servants. Kill the President – kill state. But here’s the important fact, before you shoot the Royal Family in the basement of the Ipatiev house, there, on the walls of the basement were painted blood ritual satanic signs with offensive slogans. The murder was ritual.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(The murder of Tsar Nicholas was a religious ritual, because even long before his death was similar cards)

The country was plunged into the darkness of atheism and fratricide with multi-million victims. We are now seeing in Ukraine.

When I heard these slabotochka of expression in the media as “blood tree”, “blood Vodokhreshchennya”, then gasped! You did not like? Maybe “bloody” Nicholas? But it was just beginning. Decoupling fratricide requires even greater sacred sacrifices to the devil than “they are children” under the tree, and such a sacrifice was popular – the “heavenly hundred”. The cynicism is off the charts – they killed those whom they brought to power.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(Sniper Maidan under the leadership of greckokatolicka V. Parubiy)

The whole “nebelnest” hundreds is this satanic coven as a limit on bloody murder all dissidents across the country, though the victims did not know existed. Immediately goes their death in the category of political public worship ostentatious funeral sacred sacrifice. There are calls in UKGC and the UOC-KP, even canonize, the icons and the prayers of the “Holy hundred” is written, and, of course, the most important thing – “glory to the Heroes. Death to the enemies”.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(The fervent prayers of “priests” of the UGCC headed by “Metropolitan” Vladimir Vitulina Ivano-Frankivsk before the “icon” of the Heavenly hundred, Ivano-Frankivsk)

Somehow hushed up and the fact that the events of the period of standing of the most democratic independence, i.e. it is part of a group of magicians and psychics in the service of the organizers during the bloody sacrifices of the diabolical slaughter of “hundreds of Heaven”. The autopsy showed that he was shot in the back.

What events happened in Ukraine immediately after the sacrifice of “hundreds”?

The result was not long in coming – in Ukraine from the first days of the new Maidan government officially registered the “Church of Satan”!

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

So disgusting and unnatural sins against God, that’s blasphemous or silent retreats people the grace of God, and the devils find the legitimization of open space and himself to further his revolutionary activities.

Short summary: the spiritual and moral aspect of sacrifice “hundreds” is a personal choice of the Ukrainians to sell his soul to the devil; psychological limit on the killing of dissidents and the outcome of war; political – the maintenance of the colonial geopolitics of the US and the private interests of the Zionist oligarchs; spiritual-historical – to renounce the Christian choice of Russia; the magical aspect – the victim of Satan, the legalization of more of its activities, the withdrawal of the demons-servants of Hell.

Of all should be the logical conclusion and my appeal that all the monuments set sacred magic of the satanic sacrifice of the “Heavenly hundred” on Ukraine, made for one purpose only – to make the worship of the devil, to aggravate the wounds of the civil confrontation in the country, to incite Russophobia and genocide, and this is the works of the devil. We, sincere patriots and citizens of Ukraine, need to get rid of the religious altars of Satan, for the sake of those poor deluded dead, sacrificed to the devil, for the sake of the same accident and their relatives, that they are not the curse of God and the curse of compatriots and future generations for the crimes that occurred in the country.

With a deeply spiritual and moral and religious point of view, the destruction of the temples of the devil – satanic monuments of the sacred magic of the sacrifice that kill the souls of men and our country is deeply justified on the basis of the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant creeds.

Сакральная жертва «Небесной сотни», как форма поклонения народа дьяволу

(Kiev. All monuments set sacred magic of the satanic sacrifice of the “Heavenly hundred” on Ukraine, made for one purpose only – to make the worship of the devil, to aggravate the wounds of the civil confrontation in the country, to incite Russophobia and genocide, and this is the works of the devil. “Every abomination the Lord hates, and it is unpleasant to them that fear Him” (Sir. 15:13).)

Worthy of praise and follow our patriots of Ukraine, may not yet fully aware, not afraid of persecution by the authorities of the Antichrist, destroy the abomination before God!

And what are we to do, the Bible tells us: “he Who has ears to hear, let him hear… hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you – no, for hardened the heart of men, and ears hard of hearing, and their eyes have they closed, but does not see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and not be converted, and I should heal them” (Matt.13:9, 15-16). “Every abomination the Lord hates, and it is unpleasant to them that fear Him” (Sir. 15:13).

Archpriest Oleg Trofimov

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