Sad music helps beat depression

Грустная музыка помогает победить депрессию

American scientists came to the conclusion that sad music helps to normalize the psycho-emotional state of people, immersed in depression. The study involved 76 students, reported in the journal

In the experiment, the girls were divided into equal groups. Half of them were diagnosed with “major depressive disorder”.

In the first stage of the experience of female students included neutral and sad music and the second participant chose between the clips that were very different emotional content.

The result was to establish that the sad music really helps fight depression. Subjects diagnosed with MDD admitted that sad songs make them happy.

According to scientists, energy depleted a person can not be taken too cheerful melodies and slow tracks provide the body with depression positive effects.

Earlier it was reported that in Australia, people with mental illness seek refuge in the ocean. From depression saves them surfing.