Sagging is exaggerated for the déconfinement

Relâchement exagéré pendant le déconfinement

The winter was long, like all the others, but this year, the isolation has been difficult due to the pandemic. Because the cold and snow, that impede our desire to go outside has added to this damn virus that has forced us in confinement for months. If each spring launches the signal of a release, at the time of the déconfinement, sunny days and the freedom as expected appeared more than ever essential.

The beginning of this difficult period has been accompanied by strict measures, and serious consequences. The fear of being infected, become seriously ill, added that of being in the country illegally, according to our behaviors, in addition to that receive heavy fines. Not to mention some neighbors, who watched him in our deeds and actions, ready to report them to the police.

This climate was one of anxiety, accentuated by the deserted streets and the alarming statistics on the number of deaths. It was so easy to convince us to wash our hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and staying at home. The instructions and the caution had then become the norm.

The perils of beautiful days

Announcements déconfinement progressive, was seen as a way out of jail, the return hoped for a semblance of normality. We feel the urgency to make up for lost time, to enjoy the presence of people we love, reconnect with the great outdoors, and to socialize in familiar places.

But with the decrease of restrictive measures, the decline in the number of cases and especially deaths, many have felt with these exibilities, the beginning of a new era, one without COVID-19.

In addition, before the guidelines, more flexible public health, each of its interpretation : we are left then with attitudes that range from the minimization, or even denial of the danger, the terror, the majority of people, somewhere in this vast continuum. But between the people who attend, without a mask, bars and beaches are crowded, and those who go out only when it is strictly necessary and with the fear in the belly, it is difficult, though desirable, to find a fair balance.

Because, it is unfortunate, but the déconfinement is far to mean the disappearance of the virus. Yes, the curve is flattened, through our collective efforts, but the threat remains very real.

The price for magical thinking

Among the pleasures found, there is he to gather in greater numbers, and go at campsites, parks, bars and beaches. But the euphoria of the reunion seems to sometimes be accompanied by a relaxation of the elementary rules of security, forgetting that this attitude can lead to serious consequences. We are already witnessing this phenomenon in some parts of the population.

For example, if the bars have been closed for too long, for many, the rush current is a cause for concern. In those places where birds of a feather session, but where there are lots of people that we don’t know of very close to – and which we ignore the state of health, alertness is less important, and contacts more numerous. After all, we are going to have fun and socialize, have a drink (or several !), what can make us more adventurous, and less anxious about the possible consequences.

The sense of responsibility lost in the crowd

Moreover, in a large grouping such as in a crowd, the pressure of the number and the desire of compliance often dictate behaviors. Then if no one wears a mask, how can we be surprised of its lack of popularity ? Or that for others, the announcement of more flexible rules can be interpreted as an absence of risk ?

At a time when the déconfinement seems to be a synonym of relaxation, it is not necessary to wait for a return to the starting point, because the efforts have been significant and not without impact on our psychological well-being. We all dream of a moment of respite, and above all, to rest from the anxiety that the containment has caused… but the COVID-19, it does not seem for the moment have the intention to take holiday.

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