Sagittarius is the best friend for life. And there are 6 reasons!

Стрелец – это лучший друг на всю жизнь. И на это есть 6 причин!

Sagittarius is the best friend you prayed to a higher power. If you’re lucky, you already have this gift in the form of a friend, Sagittarius.

In every life there comes a moment when they realize that someone is not enough not near enough. I know a man who would have looked with you all day, TV series, and not condemn you for how much pizza you ate.

For the execution of such an important role in our lives need a special person. This special person – a person under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the best friend you prayed to a higher power. If you’re lucky, you already have this gift in the form of a friend, Sagittarius.

Here are 6 reasons why everybody needs a best friend-Archer.

1. They are selfless

Despite the fact that Sagittarius needs time to start treat you well as soon as they do, you will understand what a huge heart they have. They always put others first and they will gladly help you in any business! Archers – a type of people who will leave everything they do and will come to your home with freshly baked cookies, after you wrote to them about your breaking up with someone.

2. They are true

Not only the Lions can boast this trait. Archers also possess this quality. And let’s face it: it’s a big relief when you do not need to worry about what in the back can stick a knife or starts to behave doubtful pretending to be a friend.

When we talk about Sagittarius is they always support starting from the moment you start to be friends with them.

3. They are straightforward

One of the qualities of Sagittarius, which you can either love or hate – is straightforward. It can manifest itself in everything from the look of your outfit tips in a relationship, but believe me, they’ll post you all on the line – without embellishment and without flattery.

They mercilessly honest, but with less emphasis on “mercilessly”. In the end, they genuinely care about you and believe that Orica truth is better than sweet lie!

4. They are eccentric

They say that everyone is weird in their own way, but the Archers take that to a whole new level. But don’t worry, it’s not so bad! If Sagittarius is behaving strangely, it means that he is comfortable with you. And you, too, can feel comfortable with them. There is some easily when you get close to this sign of the Zodiac, and it allows you to relax and to be sincere, real. Just accept it.

5. They are active

An unplanned trip? — I agree! Travel to Mexico? — Excellent! Already on Tuesday? — No problem!

What an adventure you wouldn’t be looking for something locally or more exotic — you can safely invite his best friend is Sagittarius. They love to explore new or do anything that brings admiration. Can’t wait to ride with someone on this new roller coaster? What are you waiting for? — call Sagittarius!

6. They are optimistic

Sagittarians are known for their positivity. Around the clock they just radiate positive vibes. If you know Sagittarius, you have probably noticed.

When you find it difficult or you just need someone a little support, you can always look at Sagittarius to remind yourself that bad times don’t last long. You can consider them your own Pippi Longstocking. They are always with you to remind you that tomorrow the sun will still come out.

Friendship with a Sagittarius can be very long and very worthwhile, so what are you waiting for? Go and look for my Archer;)

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