Saguenay: drunk, she tries to hide and collided with two cars

A woman driver drunk 43-year-old who was trying to evade police was struck two vehicles before being arrested, Friday night, in Saguenay, quebec.

The behavior of the woman has been reported by a citizen alert shortly after 18: 30, in the borough of The Bay.

The lady was initially “struck by a moving vehicle” and then take refuge in the parking lot of the Galleries on The Bay, reports Denis Harvey, lieutenant in the Service de police de Saguenay.

The hiding place of the conductive, however, has been revealed to the authorities by a citizen. The fugitive was once more fled to escape the searches of the agents.

Not she took it, since she still “hit” a car, says Denis Harvey.

The forty-something woman was found and arrested shortly after. She was driving to the police station where she blew “nearly three times the legal limit,” says Mr Harvey. She was released on a promise to appear in court in the coming months.

Video call

Another Saguenéen was pinned in unique circumstances, Friday evening in the city centre of Chicoutimi.

The 42-year-old was travelling on the rue François-Xavier after having ingested a few drinks too many.

The police were intercepted in full “conversation FaceTime on her cell phone, while he was at the wheel of his vehicle running,” says Harvey.

The hit and was arrested, after which he blew about two and a half times the alcohol limit tolerated.

126 good students

These two arrests are in contrast with the balance sheet immaculate a police operation to prevent the consumption of alcohol at the wheel, who was held for 90 minutes at the corner of rue Saint-Dominique and Saint-Damien.

In total, 126 drivers have been the subject of audits. None of them was impaired by alcohol.

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