Said positive COVID-19 for a 2nd time

Déclaré positif à la COVID-19 pour une 2e fois

A man in his seventies from the Lanaudière region, which was thought to be cured of the COVID-19 after a negative result to the test, to his release from the hospital, suffered a second positive test a few days later.

“I can’t believe it, I thought it was settled, I’m feeling well though,” said Réjean Bell, attached to her apartment in the seniors ‘ residence Eva in Lavaltrie, Saturday morning.

On the 24th of march last, the 72 year old man has received a positive result at the COVID-19 after a few days to have symptoms similar to the flu. Four days later, he was transported to the hospital Pierre-Le Gardeur in Terrebonne, when he went to 39.1 °C fever.

“I said to myself : this is how it goes when one dies. I was so weak. And when you’re low like this, you want to die for real ! ” he says.

Operation to the lungs

When it was released on April 7, his test was negative. The man who has worked in the middle of the building was thought to be cured.

And then Mr. Bell, who was soon to have surgery for a cancer of the lungs, therefore had to again undergo a test at his residence on the 23rd of April because this is the procedure for a surgery in the time of a pandemic. The test is then turned again positive.

“And my doctor told me that I do not “repognerais” ‘t do it twice ! The responsible of the residence were also very surprised, but then I can’t do anything, I have to wait, ” said the one who was looking forward to her operation.

Mr. Bell will be a third test for the COVID-19 next may.

Christian Jacob, president of the association of microbiologists of Quebec indicates that there would be several reasons that could explain this situation. “It may be that the infection is completely extinguished and that the virus remains hidden in a latent fashion. This happens with the herpes virus, for example. There are mechanisms that allow viruses to hide latently in cells. ”

The Newspaper did not call back the CISSS Lanaudière, at the time of writing these lines.

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