Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures: the mayor asked the citizens to remain at home

Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures: le maire demande aux citoyens de demeurer chez eux

If the beautiful weather encourages people to go outside to take the air, the mayor of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures instead asked his fellow citizens to remain at home “as much as possible,” and announces that the patrol will roam the streets to denounce cases of abuse.

It is within the framework of a capsule web that the mayor Sylvain Juneau reported that the busy streets were now to be “under surveillance”.

A week ago, the streets of the city are literally filled with walkers, to joggers and cyclists. To such a point that, sometimes, hundreds of people gathered in the same place.

“It is correct that people walk on the outside, but when a hundred or a hundred and fifty people decide to go for a walk at the same time on the chemin du Roy, here, we have a problem”, said in the interview, the mayor hopes to raise awareness in the population.

At the end of the week, the patrol had to call a few times 911 to notify the police Department of the City of Quebec.

“We understand well, the guards will not intervene directly, but they will notify the authorities. And the point of all this is not to give tickets, but to educate people,” he mentioned.

“If someone is going to do his jogging at six in the morning in the industrial park, there is no problem! But, in the small streets, when there are fifty, seventy-five people who walk through the bikes and motorists… it becomes dangerous for the virus, because it does not comply with the 2 meters, but also, for accidents… that’s what I want people to understand”, he added, stating that the patrol would be present at each day of beautiful weather.

“We will see as we go and we will adjust, but I recall that it is not against the people, but for their good, which is very different,” he said.

The pedestrian bridges have also been closed since they are not wide enough to comply with the measures of social distancing.

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