Saint-Augustin wants to prohibit through traffic of heavy goods vehicles on its local road network

Saint-Augustin veut interdire la circulation de transit des poids lourds sur son réseau routier local

The City of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is tired of the heavy vehicles that damage the roads under its jurisdiction. It intends to prohibit traffic in transit on the thirty-arteries.

The mayor Sylvain Juneau would like to reassure right away the truck drivers, who visit a park industriel François-Leclerc, or elsewhere on the territory of Saint-Augustin. The new regulations, which will be adopted on Tuesday night, does not target.

“Someone who took off from Saint-Augustin with a truck or has St. Augustine as a destination, there is no problem, but we don’t want trucks in transit, therefore we do not want heavy traffic on our territory. Of course, this excludes the highway,” he said in an interview with The Journal.

The mayor has rightly against those who refuse to use highway 40 and who prefer to take the road less traffic in the periphery as in urban areas or even rows, such as that of the Petit-Capsa between Saint-Augustin and Red Bridge.

“All our reflection has started with this ranking -here. There is heavy traffic that passes through there instead of go to take the highway, which means that it tears down our paths. A rank, this is not a highway,” says he.

The mayor will, however, need the blessing of the City of Pont-Rouge, and the department of Transportation to prohibit heavy trucks on the rank of the Petit-Capsa. Same thing for the path of the Cabouron, which runs parallel to the autoroute Felix-Leclerc, between its municipality and that of Neuville.

The City of St. Augustine will also seek the support of the City of Quebec to do the same with the arteries adjacent to the two municipalities as the rank of the Mines, the path to the Lake, the path of Our Lady and the streets of Saint-Félix, of the Hêtrière, Gaboury, the Curlew and Judith-Jasmin.

Ban starting tonight on 22 streets

However, it has no permission to ask any person to prohibit through traffic on 22 arteries located exclusively on its own territory.

The settlement, which must be adopted on Tuesday evening for the following streets : 3rd Rank, 4th Rank to the East and West, the paths in Sewing, the Butte, the High-Fossambault, Girard, du Roy, and Michel-Quézel, the Rise of the Hill, highway 138 (between the street of the Great Lakes and the route Fossambault), the road Racette, Tessier road, the streets of the high Forest, the Feel, of Geese, of the Groves of the Moors, the Sourcin, Clement-Lockquell, Lionel-Groulx and Suzanne Lamy.

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