Saint-Georges: Beauce Carnival needs to close its rides

Saint-Georges: Beauce Carnaval doit fermer ses manèges

On its second day only in Saint-Georges, Beauce Carnival needs to close its rides at the request of the public health.

The activities will continue until 22: 30 on Friday night, but the site is likely to be dismantled afterwards. Hardly begun, the season seems over already. The tour 2020 is cancelled.

Furious, the owner of the company, Jacques vallee, has confirmed the closure to the Newspaper. The rides were installed at Saint-Georges since Thursday and the first visitors were at the rendezvous.

The owner of Beauce Carnaval Jacques Vallée

“I said yes and the next day, I said no. “Enough of the dictatorship. It costs me in six figures for the insurance and the plates on the trucks. I also have 80 employees who don’t know what they will do. We will dismantle the site. I have never mingled in politics, but it’s going to stir in the cursed here!”, launched the boss angry.

Beauce Carnival claims to have followed to the letter the health plan as required by public health.

Revival cancelled

From July to October, the tour 2020 Beauce Carnival finally had to stop in several municipalities. Public health seemed to have accepted the company to regain part of its activities.

Symbols of fun and festive gathering, the 51 rides Beauce Carnival had to stay in storage until 2021, to the great discouragement of its owner.

“There is a gathering. This is unfortunate, I have the most beautiful profession in the world. I amuse people. I like it better that they catch the magic that the COVID. I can’t tell people to be two metres”, explained Mr. Valley to the Journal during a visit in the month of April.

The hope was back, since few weeks, and a recovery plan was in motion. The company was founded in 1953.

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