Saint Malo. Tomy, the fisherman from Saint-Malo, shirtless on France 2, panics Twitter. His reaction

    Saint Malo. Tomy, the fisherman from Saint-Malo, shirtless on France 2, panics Twitter. His reaction

    Here is the story of a tweet that went viral and made Tomy, a fisherman from Saint-Malo, the star for a day. This Wednesday noon, France 2 tweets an excerpt from a report on scallop fishing. The scene shows Tomy, shirtless, as it is 8 degrees. It is then, that everything gets carried away.

    The video of this tweet from France 2 comes from the program “1:15 pm on Saturday”. The magazine, as Christmas approached, went “to meet those who, in the bay of Saint-Malo, fill our plates during these festive times.”

    In this 3-minute video, we see Tomy, a scallop fisherman. It is 8 am and it is 8 degrees. However, Tomy is shirtless, working his arms in icy water.

    In this sequence, beyond his work, which obviously fascinates him, Tomy reveals a musculature, which she fascinates tweeters, who multiply “likes” and comments.

    As it happens from time to time, the twittosphere gets carried away very quickly. The first name Tomy even becomes a hashtag, #Tomy, which again very quickly established itself as one of the biggest trends of the day on the social network in France.

    The female gente is not the last to ignite and comment.

    “It made me smile”, Tomy

    France 2 also notices the enthusiasm for its fisherman diver of Saint-Jacques.

    For his part, in Saint-Malo, Tomy begins to receive on his cell phone a whole slew of texts and messages from his “friends”. He then discovers the outburst caused by the video. Contacted this evening, he confesses to us his surprise, he who does not have a Twitter account.

    I didn’t expect this at all.


    And to specify that the journalist at the origin of the report joined him to testify to him of his great astonishment. A surprise all the greater, as following the program broadcast last Saturday, December 19, he had only had some feedback on the quality of his work but not at all other natures.

    Faced with this “notoriety”, undoubtedly ephemeral, Tomy seeks to be positive. Especially vis-à-vis his work as a hand picker of scallops: “I do not regret at all having participated in this report because beyond appearing quite naturally shirtless, I believe that we have been able to demonstrate that there was a sustainable alternative to fishing and that it above all, is the objective of the report. “

    He is even happy that the tweet and therefore the video has been noticed by the Ministry of Fisheries.

    And as to what Tomy thinks of the stir he has caused with his musculature with tweeters, he replies: “If this can make women smile for this particular end of the year, why not” and to clarify immediately, a smile in his voice, “that they do not get carried away. I specify that I have a wife.”

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