Salad “Minute” – already surpassed in popularity “Coat” and Olivier salad!

Try to cook – you will not regret it!

Салат "Хвилинний" - вже обігнав за популярністю "Шубу" і "Олів&#039є"!

I love this quick salad. It is perfect for a family dinner, and in the case of unexpected guests. And if the salad “Minute” it is unusual to obtain, for example, with fresh tomatoes and herbs, then serve it to any holiday table, informs Rus.Media.


Ready smoked chicken breast – 200 grams

Hard cheese – 80 gram

Tomato – 1 piece

Chicken eggs – 2 pieces

Mayonnaise – 150 gamma

Salt to taste


So, the bottom layer of the salad make grated cheese.

Slice the tomatoes and place them on the cheese. Can chop green onions and put it on top of the tomatoes to give the finished salad a special flavor. Grease with mayonnaise.

Then put smoked chicken breast, diced medium thickness. This layer is not too thick cover with mayonnaise.

Next, the chicken breast grate eggs and gently fold in mayonnaise (with patterns).

Then flip the bowl onto a flat dish. Decorate the salad with finely chopped onions or make the roses out of carrots and onions.

Bon appetit!