saliva tests produced in Huningue, near Mulhouse

    saliva tests produced in Huningue, near Mulhouse

    Saliva tests are currently being produced on a large scale in Huningue, in the Haut-Rhin. The company Firalis is responsible for this production. It is done in 400 square meters of brand new premises. Firalis is a company established since 13 years old in Huningue, she is specialized in biotechnologies.

    It employs around fifty people.

    Faster tests, but not yet deployed on a large scale in France

    The saliva test, called the EasyCov test, was designed by researchers from CNRS Montpellier and the company SkillCell. A faster test, the result of which is in less than an hour (40 minutes), less expensive and less “unpleasant” than the PCR test, suggest the designers. It is already used in more than 20 countries in the world. In France, it is currently validated by the Haute Autorité de Santé, but the government is not giving the green light for large-scale deployment and instead recommends PCR tests.

    A saliva test faster than PCR © Radio France
    – Guillaume Chhum

    According to the authorities, we need further studies on the reliability of saliva tests. The Huningue site can manufacture a million tests per month.

    _ “It is enough not to eat half an hour before the test. We take four drops of saliva under the mouth and for the patient it is finished”, _ explains Alexandra Prieux, CEO of SkillCell.

    Generalization of saliva tests in high schools in the Grand Est?

    For Hueseyin Firat, the president of Firalis: “The saliva test is easy to get. You don’t need a healthcare professional to take a nose sample. This is much easier.

    Despite the government’s caution on saliva tests, the president of the Grand Est region, Jean Rottner is more pragmatic:“We need a massive deployment in high schools, universities. Tomorrow in places of culture or concerts that will reopen. This test is much earlier than PCR tests, it is an asset that France cannot do without , “ argues the former mayor of Mulhouse.

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