“Salmagundi”: Djingo, the sympathetic “fake cowboy”

«Salmigondis»: Djingo, le sympathique «faux cowboy»

As a comedian, Danny Gilmore would never have thought to play a cowboy. Yet, this is what he took pleasure to do that for three seasons in the world of toys living in the children’s and youth program “Hodgepodge” of Radio-Canada.

“Djingo, it is a character that I like a lot,” he said. It’s like a fake cowboy, which was not really the seed of a cowboy, but who plays cowboy, a little like children.”

A few years ago, to give an original aspect to his character, Danny Gilmore is assured not to match the one of the famous stars of the franchise “toy Story”.

“At the beginning, I did research,” he says. I wanted to break away a little bit of Woody, of course, because it was the reference that we had. I looked more into the side “ti-guy” who plays the cowboy, which is the lasso, which is not quite capable, but who believes in you.”

Very rewarding

The actor describes as “beautiful trip” this work in front of the cameras. “I’ve played gay hyper effeminate, big wicked ex-military. […] What I love, it is to be able to go and explore in lots of areas: to be able to play big, almost theatrical to the tv. To make of the clown, it is really “fun”.”

The meetings with children were particularly insightful. “We had the chance to have contact with the children, because we have done shows and there were cohorts of children who came to visit us on the shelf. […] There are children who talked to me about my horse’s Petunia that I lost, that I had replaced by the bicycle, and all kinds of stuff that you see in the two emissions can be. You sense that they are attached to.”

Even today, he is proud that his son, Joseph, age 5, demonstrates a clear interest in the issue.

“He loves it. He has his “posters”, its small cards. [The actors of “Salmagundi”], he knows them all, because we remained friends. When Gibberish comes to the house, this is not Pierre-Michel Le Breton, this is Gibberish. What are Hercules, Captain Math, a Faker… it’s “amazing time”.”

Always current

Production move away from the landscape of tv for children, with its real characters far from any animation, the program that covers topics such as tolerance and sharing, continues to have its raison d’être for Danny Gilmore.

“The real action is still important in our culture, especially for children, because if you just do the bomb cartoon, it looks like all of their references are things that do not.”

“[It is important] to find characters like those of “Salmagundi”, who speak in this moment. They are practically confined, they are caught in the world of “Hodgepodge” and the world of children is on the outside…”

The third season of “Hodgepodge” is available on Tou.tv. The first is available on the Extra Tou.tv.

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