Salon du livre de Montreal: Jean-François Nadeau was awarded the prix Marcel-Couture

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The journalist and columnist Jean-François Nadeau has been awarded top honors for his book “The Montrealers. Portraits of a history”.

Jean-François Nadeau and Editions of the Man have received on Wednesday evening, at the opening of the Salon du livre de Montréal, the award of excellence Marcel-Couture for the beautiful book Montrealers. Portraits of a story.


This prize, awarded for 17 years, wants to emphasize the remarkable quality of an illustrated book and wants to reward ” the extraordinary efforts deployed by a quebec publisher “. The album of the publishing, signed by Jean-François Nadeau, a journalist and columnist of Duty, “is in this year’s 375th anniversary, a wonderful tribute to the Montreal and to Montreal,” according to the prize jury.


The Press joins at the Salon du livre to offer an ad placement value of $ 10,000 to the winners.


Marcel Couture, who founded the journal Forces, and chaired the national holiday of Quebec from 1975 to 1980, was chairman of the board of directors of the show from 1990 to 1998. It is also closely associated with the history of the Duty since he has long chaired the board of directors of the newspaper.


On Wednesday night, the book fair has also been awarded the prix Fleury-Mesplet 2017 to Robert Soulières in order to highlight its undeniable contribution the literature in Québec and in Canada. Robert Soulières has published no less than 52 albums, or short novels, 17 books for teens, and 22 new.


The 40th edition of the Salon du livre, which takes place at Place Bonaventure in Montréal, continues until Monday, November 20. The Living room also held to pay tribute to Michel Tremblay, awarding him the title ” Tenor of the Salon du livre de Montréal “.


Josée Boileau, and Yvan Lamonde rewarded


Moreover, the price Pierre Vadeboncoeur will be presented on Sunday, 19 November, always in the framework of the Salon du livre de Montreal, Josée Boileau, for his collection With the benefit of hindsight, and Yvan Lamonde for his trial in A corner of the memory. The laureates will share a $ 5000 scholarship. This award was created by the CSN in 2011 to highlight the major contribution of Pierre Vadeboncoeur, one of the greatest essayists of quebec. The two winners were chosen from among forty published works. The book of Josée Boileau resumed sixty editorial that it had published in Le Devoir, with new perspective.

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