Salon24: race — Paris and Berlin are competing to improve relations with Moscow

The project of isolating Russia is quite dead and will be buried, warns Polish journalist Conrad Renkas. On the portal Salon24 he explains that both the US and Germany and France are in talks with President Putin only on their own behalf, thereby putting an end to Western solidarity. In this scenario, the big losers are the poles — they lose billions on the conflict between the West and Russia and not earn a single zloty in the case of discharge.

Salon24: наперегонки — Париж и Берлин соревнуются в улучшении отношений с Москвой

Reuters“France has entered the game. President Emmanuel macron, who, though forced to save the remnants of his weak support in France continues to position itself as the leader of the new Europe. The French leader was increasingly promoting its vision of a “new architecture of security and trust”, which also includes the issue of settlement of relations with Russia. Moreover, this “architecture” a new international system within the EU, based on French-Russian partnership must be allocated with the Russian Federation. And Berlin, though distanced itself from this idea, but did so primarily in order not to lose weighty “gold card” for exclusivity in relations with Moscow”, — writes the portal Salon24 Polish journalist Conrad Renkas.

The author draws attention to the fact that if to that to add a policy of Washington’s flirtation, it appears that the most important question is not only this decade, but later, the question remains, who will win the global race to Moscow and why the winner will be Putin. And lose those countries that have not noticed what is happening in the West geopolitical changes — both in the U.S. and in Europe, he says. It is obvious today that the global game in the form postelnogo world Russia wins because it’s her vision includes a balance of forces in which the independent sub-regional powers without strategic interests, solve problems as they arise on the basis of rational compromise. This vision is quite applicable to modern international relations. It is equally clear that the current global monopoly, that is, the US and its subcontractors, including, in particular, the European Union, would prefer an alternative solution, that is, a kind of “concert of powers” originates from the 19th century or a policy of balance of Kissinger, but limited only to selected entities, the author explains. It is quite obvious that in accordance with the American concept of the leaders of the first magnitude, that is, Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin, will make the decision about world Affairs, perhaps sometimes addressing specific questions to UK, EU and, perhaps, to individual small players. An example of such a system will, for example, the solution of the Kurdish problem in the North of Syria. And this was a very useful lesson to the Old world, in the end striving for geopolitical role in the new, multipolar global system, he said. Nevertheless, the key problem is how, in what form, or even in what part of potential geopolitical structure: whether it is the Eurozone without Italy, or maybe only the Alliance of France and Germany, the author asks. Contrary to historical trends, the macron stands for the first solution, while German diplomacy increasingly resembles its exclusivity in relations with Russia. This means that, despite its dominant position in the European Union, Berlin would like to earn money and get profit from Moscow in his pocket, and not in the pocket of the EU, while the current French leadership still feels responsible for the whole European project. Macron wanted to be an example of a new political format for the whole of Europe as part of the Grand globalist project, recalls the author. “Needless to say, regardless ultimately, a stable variant of relations between the West, Russia and Poland, Poland loses in any case“, — with regret it. Poland was necessary to the United States only during direct confrontation with the Russian Federation, both as a potential arsonist, and stimulant of the conflict, obviously, she did not even know about this role. Poland, however, does not fit in any scenario of cooperation between Russia and the West, because it had no safety feature, no alternative program that could be implemented in the event of a change of the “international of the winds.” At the poles there is no such alternative, and they continue to be faithful servants of the United States, a hardworking sub-contractors Germany and obedient members of the European Union. The poles are in a situation where they lost billions in the conflict between the West and Russia and not earned a single zloty after discharge relations. Both the US and Germany and France are in talks with President Putin only on their own behalf. Western solidarity does not exist. And if they want to get along with Putin, it means that the project of isolating Russia is quite dead and will be buried, concludes on the portal Salon24 Polish journalist Conrad Renkas. Source

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