Salvador: parliament evacuated for a hint of Covid-19

Salvador: le parlement évacué pour un soupçon de Covid-19

The legislative Assembly of el Salvador has put suddenly an end to his session on Thursday evening after the announcement of a suspicion of contamination Covid-19 in the building, which was quickly evacuated.

“The interdisciplinary Team of epidemiologic surveillance in el Salvador has detected a serious suspicion of Covid-19 in the blue room of the Assembly,” wrote on Twitter the president of el salvador, Nayib Bukele.

“It is recommended that the closure of the session and the autoconfinement of all the members and staff, while it dismisses or confirms the suspected cases and their contacts,” added Mr. Bukele.

The president’s message was sent after a member left, Yanci Urbina, had suffered a loud fit of coughing while she spoke in a plenary session.

Parliamentarians began immediately to evacuate the building. More than half of the 84 deputies have decided to withdraw from the chamber, which has obliged the president of the legislative Assembly to suspend the session and reconvene the parliament for Friday morning.

Another member of the left, Nidia Diaz, regretted that the tweet of the president Bukele has created ” an atmosphere of tension “.

Before the suspension of the work, the members of parliament had cancelled the majority a veto that the president Bukele had opposed a law that grants in the framework of the fight against the virus of the benefits to personal health, such as life insurance.

El Salvador has according to the last balance-sheet 250 confirmed cases of infection and eight deaths. The containment required, is in force since 21 march.

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