Samsung ceases to produce budget smartphones

The company Samsung has decided to abandon the production of some budget models. So, in their series of hit smartphones, cheaper of 7 thousand hryvnias. According to employees of the company, these models are not competitive in the market of affordable smartphone from China. It is reported resource Akket.

Samsung прекращает выпускать бюджетные смартфоны

Now Samsung has the situation developed in such a way that one Samsung accounts for about 4 analogs a Huawei and excluding other manufacturers, among which Xiaomi, Meizu, Elephone, and others.

First go under the “knife” lineup Galaxy J. the company will stop releasing these budget smartphones at all.

In Samsung understands that the competition for 7 thousand hryvnias is more attractive model with its rich content features and powerful technical equipment: processors, more memory, better screens and even the NFC module.

After the abolition of the budget segment, will increase the number of devices in the Galaxy range A. moreover, will soon appear a new model number — Galaxy M, which will be produced in the device protopopovo level.

In the opinion of company management, such a step will help focus power on devices medium-and high-end segment, making them more competitive.