Samsung plans to produce an almost frameless smartphone, placing the front camera under the display

The Korean tech giant is working on a new smartphone, the front camera and sensors which will be placed under the display.

Samsung планує створити практично безрамковий смартфон, розмістивши фронтальні камери під дисплеєм

Representatives of the Korean technology giant Samsung said that the company is working to use the entire front part of your phone screen, freeing up space from frame or cut-outs for cameras. According to news Agency Yonhap, the developers acknowledge that in the next two years to make this smartphone not succeed, but their efforts are aimed at creating such a device where the camera hole will be invisible, not affecting the functions of the camera itself, informs Rus.Media.

Comments of the South Korean company nassli less than a month after Samsung announced its latest flagship, the Galaxy S10 first telephone company, which managed to punch the camera in the display matrix, dubbed Infinity O. This decision was an important milestone, but Samsung in the end going to place self camera under the display, eliminating the need for any opt-out mechanism or pop-UPS.

This is not the first case when a company is talking about plans to release a device with a full display. During the presentation, held in October last year, her representatives said that work on four interrelated technologies in order to maximize the size of the screen: a fingerprint scanner below the display, the camera sensors under the panel, the technology for tactile displays and speakers inside the display (similar to a vibrant OLED screen LG G8).

In the latest model of the South Korean company, the front camera is the screen is a small dot, which, for example, does not disappear while watching video: the developers want to change in your future smartphone. Among other developments in Samsung considers the built-in speakers, and touch feedback sensors built into the screen.

However, some phones of Chinese production already had built-in fingerprint sensors before this feature was introduced on the flagship of Samsung. So, Honor View 20 was the first phone with a camera cut-out in the display (although Samsung representatives noted that the S10 was the first who did it with OLED panel). Vivo and other Chinese phones also produced a full screen of the device by moving the camera back (and adding rear display), using the design of the sliders, or creating pop-up mechanisms that hide self camera inside the phone.