Samuel Piette believes the Impact is capable of causing the surprise

Samuel Piette croit l’Impact capable de causer la surprise

The midfielder of the Montreal Impact Samuel Piette is certain “100 percent” that the club has what it takes to cause a surprise in the tournament to return to the game that the Major League Soccer (MLS) held in Orlando in a month.

On Wednesday, the league confirmed that it would resume its operations on July 8, bringing together all of its teams in the city in florida, the time to hold a tournament in a format similar to that of the world Cup.

Piette, he believes that it was precisely the experience of the coach of the montreal Impact, Thierry Henry, in this type of competition could be a determining factor.

“I’m not worried that he will know how to manage the workforce,” said the Quebecers to the issuance JiC network TVA Sports.

“He knows what it takes in terms of game time, tactics, to try to win these games, continued to the number 6. In addition, I think it was the good start to the season. It is sure that it was off at a good time, but we are happy to meet to workout and can’t wait to start. We are going to have a lot of energy and ants in the legs.”

The players are also in the process of finding their rhythm, has been observed Piette.

“We train in small groups, so it starts slowly not fast to look like real workouts, he explained. We look forward to be able to train together, but it will come.”

“It is sure that we will have a little less time to prepare than normal, he added. From now on, we will have about a month to prepare, it is usually six to eight weeks, but as one has been detained so long, we’re all eager to return to the field. We are going to have the urge of eating our opponents!”

The midfielder also believes that the team spirit will be an important factor in a context as extraordinary.

“The chemistry was very good from the start, so I’m not worried that it will come back fairly quickly”, he assured.

Piette has said that if the negotiations between the league and the players regarding a new collective agreement have been stormy, the contract is valid, in his opinion.

“It is sure that to me, I was not part of the negotiations with the league, so I don’t know all the details, as Evan Bush (goalkeeper), who was our representative, so it may be that I don’t have the same feelings as him, he pointed out. But in the end, the agreement that has been found seems to me to be fair, I think we found a good middle ground to please both parties.”

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