San Francisco and COVID-19: encouraging news

San Francisco et COVID-19: nouvelles encourageantes

The good news is so rare, since few weeks, I wanted to relay those coming from the West coast. The city of San Francisco had decided early enough to use the containment. According to what is stated in leaders today, we register a positive impact.

The containment adopted around the bay of San Francisco was among the first in the United States and, upon its adoption, the governor Gavin Newsom had decided to use the same measure for the whole of California.

Fourteen days after the beginning of the confinement, the period during which the symptoms of the virus were to occur, the hospitals of the bay area reported fewer cases than we had anticipated. The health system takes the shot and it seems to be able to flatten the curve.

If this optimism is good for the region, we can hope that it encourages other regions or other States to adopt the containment. The reactions to the threat posed by the spread of the COVID-19 are still uneven on the territory of the united states, while there is a hope that concerted action to limit the damage.

The authorities however remain conservative in the analysis of the results. There are still counties that are severely tested (Santa Clara, for example) and screening tests are not yet numerous enough.

If the example of San Francisco should inspire, it should be emphasized the discipline and the contribution of the citizens of this region. We are constantly told in Quebec: to be effective, containment must be applied well and we must all contribute. Courage and patience! The “send to home” can be effective!

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