“Sanatorium”: the Kremlin has again threatened the world with nuclear weapons

The military-industrial complex of the aggressor country, the Russian Federation will take all necessary steps in connection with the threats coming from NATO, and plans to “concreted” world nuclear parity. As reported replyua.net this statement was made by press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. According to him, Moscow intends to do it at the expense of new weapons systems, reports RT propaganda resource.

«Забетонируем»: Кремль снова припугнул мир ядерным оружием‍

“You know that parity is a reliable method provided by a new invention, through the invention of new weapons systems, which are designed “to concrete” nuclear parity. Nuclear parity is the element of mutual deterrence, and the element that ensures strategic nuclear security”, — said Peskov.

Previously it was reported that the American head of Donald trump very mad at Russian President Vladimir Putin for his demonstration of the new missile, during which the nuclear warheads allegedly crashed in Florida.

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