Sand and distancing, the beaches in Georgia are filled

Sable et distanciation, les plages de Géorgie se remplissent

TYBEE ISLAND | They were hundreds this Saturday on the beaches of Georgia, the american State that comes out little by little from the confinement, attempting somehow to keep at a distance from each other.

If the republican governor of the State, Brian Kemp, had decreed the reopening Friday of several categories of commerce, the beaches are open since 5 April.

The first political leader of the State was, at the time, cancelled municipal by-laws of closure, much to the dismay of local elected officials.

Encouraged by the statements of the governor, a supporter of a “‘t measured before,” hundreds of people lined up Saturday on the beaches of Tybee Island, one of the most popular tourist destinations of Georgia.

The dimensions of the beach, which is 200 m wide, allowed to keep his distance, although the attendance is the general opinion, the strongest of the year.

“I’m not afraid to” catch the virus, “said Rachel Lilly, the mother at home,” as long as it is not filled. But if everyone does like us, it’s going to be a problem. “

Cars all-terrain criss-crossed the beach to remind visitors to comply with the distances recommended, but also the prohibition of lying on the beach.

Some offenders, who have settled on their towels for sun-bathing, have been called to order.

The stretch of sand, located a few kilometers from the city of Savannah, is now reserved for walkers, swimmers and other joggers.

Rare were those who were equipped with a mask or a scarf, now included in the daily lives of millions of people.

“It is safer than going shopping,” said McKenzie Scharf, in a bikini, while her son five-year-old was flying a kite Spider-Man.

“How long are we supposed to stay imprisoned ? “, she asked.

Semblance of normality

At the beginning of April, the mayor of Tybee Iceland, Shirley Sessions, had publicly opposed the re-opening of its beaches, considering that she was a ” risk to employees and visitors “.

Since then, the governor went further, decreeing the reopening Friday of a series of shops, including hair salons, tattoo and bowling alleys.

On Monday, it will be the turn of restaurants and theatres to be allowed to once again welcoming the public, under certain conditions.

Several local elected officials, including Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of the largest city in the State, Atlanta, have called on their citizens not to take account of the announcements of the governor Kemp.

Having expressed his approval of the governor in private, according to several u.s. media, the u.s. president Donald Trump said Wednesday publicly to him have said that he was opposed to the decision.

“Let’s go,” urged Harold Heymann, real estate agent 75 years of age, about the re-opening of some of the activities, saying they are in favour of an exit from the containment.

With approximately 24 °C in the sun, not a cloud, Tybee Iceland had the air of a holiday, and the smell of sunscreen hung in the air.

Beach goers of the day were in search of a semblance of normality, even if the coronavirus has not loosened its grip on Georgia, where 904 people have already died of the aftereffects of the Covid-19.

“It’s been really good “, is excited Rachel Lilly. “This is how it should feel. “

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