Sandu presented the new Ministers of the government of Moldova

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev


The head of the government of Moldova Sandu presented on Monday, six new Ministers and announced what her team will fight in the first place, reports the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Irina Glushko.

The head of the Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers Maia Sandu announced the fight against corruption. The Prime Minister will be created, the Bureau of anti-corruption policy and the reform of justice. The Congress will bring together experts from Moldova and Romania. Also in the near future will open a special telephone line for those who want to talk about the abuses of the former government, but is afraid of criminal prosecution.

“Those who served the previous regime through the abuses and introduced a dubious scheme, has to go. We will not be able to operate because of the zero tolerance to corruption in the new government. Today I talked with several of the leaders from the government, which was part of the oligarchic regime, I explained to them that we have different views. Their decision to resign is expected by the citizens”, – said Prime Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

Six new Ministers presented to the office staff. New Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilita previously held senior positions in the Ministry of economy. The Finance Ministry under her leadership would focus on the recovery of funding from external partners. The EU froze financial assistance to Moldova a year ago after the cancellation of local election results.

“The last three years I lived in London and was a pain looking at what is happening in the Republic of Moldova. It struck me that was created parallel institutions and undermined the authority and continuity in the state,” said Gavrilina.

Opponents of the new government, the Democrats, for the first time today after putting the government publicly stated that her party is returned to Parliament. Chair third Vice-speaker is the representative of the Democrats Monica babuc.

“The faction will confront all those who undermine the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Those who violate the Constitution and laws, to those who ignore European values. We are the opposition, which will vote for projects that will benefit the people,” said the Chairman of the Democratic party Pavel Filip.

Earlier, the new government announced that it will review the latest social projects run by the Democrats. We are talking about mortgage lending of young people and the maintenance of rural roads.

We will add that the Prime Minister of Moldova, Maia Sandu said the need of reform in the organization of some ministries. For example, the division of the Ministry of health, labour and social protection on two specialized agencies, as it was until 2017.