Sanitary measures: “the plane tickets are likely to be more expensive”

The various sanitary measures that are put in place by the air carrier or that will soon transform the industry, but most likely to increase the price of the airline ticket.

At least that is what writes the president of Flight delay, Jacob Charbonneau. “We can expect that there are a number of measures that will be implemented to the level of air transport, including measures of distance”, he explains.

Some restrictions have already been introduced in some airlines. Since Monday, passengers on board Air Canada flights are required to wear a mask to be able to mount devices on board the enterprise.

“The port of the mask, it is a lesser evil, provided that you make well people on how to put it, how to remove, how to use it,” says Mr. Charbonneau.

But he worries more about the impact of the introduction of other measures, such as distancing in the aircraft, on the portfolio of the travelers.

“If we put other measures of distance, so if it separates people and puts more space between people, and it is sure that if one embarks fewer people in the aircraft, one can expect that the price of tickets rises accordingly,” he says.

The canadian consumer is disadvantaged

The president of Flight delay also denounced the fact that the Canadian transportation agency does not require the full refund of the airfare, rather than the granting of simple loans.

“The european Commission has decided. The airlines must repay. And even with this regulation which is in place, people have difficulty having a refund. It is the same thing in the United States. The department of transportation in the United States has decided, and people should be reimbursed,” says Jacob Charbonneau.

The distribution of credits by the airlines due to several disadvantages and raises a number of questions for canadian consumers.

“Is that all of the destinations that are served, directly or indirectly, presently are going to be yet? Is it that all the airlines are going to exist? Is it that people will always want to travel? Is it that they will still have the means to travel? There are several questions that it raises,” he noted.

Some people also have need of this money in this difficult period.

“There are people who really need these amounts of money there, and we often speak of amounts to several thousands of dollars. Currently, people have lost their job and need the cash then, but now, it is the airlines who keep this amount-here,” explains Mr. Charbonneau.

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