Sank 100 years ago the barge slips in Niagara falls

Затонувшая 100 лет назад баржа сползает в Ниагарский водопад

Gruntuetsya barge (aka the barge, or scow) came close to the precipice on the canadian side.In 1918, the barge broke from tow and a half kilometers upstream from the falls on the Niagara river. When it happened, aboard the Gustav Limberg and James Harris decided to open the hatches on the bottom of the vessel, filling the hold with water and make it harder to slow down. The sailors also managed to steer the barge on the rocks, where she stuck, having spent more than a century, 500 metres from the cliff. The men were rescued the next morning.

At the end of October 2019 to the area was struck by a powerful storm with the strongest winds and rain. For the first time in a century, the barge moved, and again went to the side of the waterfall, moving for 50 meters until it ran into the pitfalls and don’t get stuck. The situation is complicated by the fact that as a result of the storm, the barge turned over on its side, and the rapid flow of the river can again carry it with stones.

David Adames, head of the national Park of Niagara in Ontario, says his staff are closely monitoring the barge and I think that can stay in a new place many months, if not years. If the barge still eventually slide into the waterfall, it is unlikely that anything will remain, as for century, it is thoroughly rusted.
The problem is that on the lake, which flows into a waterfall, is usually a lot of tourists on pleasure boats. Authorities say they will warn everyone, if you notice that the barge again approaching the waterfall.