Santa Claus authorized to ride a sleigh near Lyon!

    Santa Claus authorized to ride a sleigh near Lyon!

    Children of l’Arbresle can be relieved!In full curfew, Father Christmas will still be able to ensure his delivery of gifts at the foot of the tree!

    In a decree, the mayor of the municipality, Pierre-Jean Zannettacci, authorizes him to fly over the town for Christmas night, between Thursday and Friday!

    Based on the statement of World Health Organization, which states that Santa Claus is immune to Covid, but also for “bring joy, mirth and wonder“in these difficult times, the elected official therefore made this symbolic decision.

    Some imperatives to respect all the same:
    – limitation to 30 km / h in the air for the sled
    wearing a mask is compulsory when passing through the fireplace. Of gel hydroalcoolique can also be made available (just like a glass of milk, cookies and a pretty drawing).

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    The mayor of Riotord Guy Peyrard took this Friday …

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