Sarah Palin for the Senate?  She says, ‘If God wants me to,’ she will challenge Murkowski for a seat in the Alaska Senate

Sarah Palin for the Senate? She says, ‘If God wants me to,’ she will challenge Murkowski for a seat in the Alaska Senate

Sarah Palin for the Senate?  She says, ‘If God wants me to,’ she will challenge Murkowski for a seat in the Alaska Senate

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told a conservative Christian group that she would consider running for a Senate seat in Alaska “if God wants me to.”

Palin, the former governor of Alaska, made the comments in an appearance at the Leading with Conviction Conference in Pasadena, California, last month.

The conservative politician expressed interest in facing Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican who voted to convict former President Donald Trump during his second impeachment trial.

“If God wants me to, I will,” Palin said after New Apostolic Reform leader Ché Ahn asked him if he planned to run for the Senate seat.

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Sarah Palin for the Senate?

Sarah Palin warned the audience that conservatives and Republicans would need to back her if she ran for the Murkowski Senate seat.

“What I would do if I had to announce is you know what, you better be there for me this time because a lot of people weren’t there for me last time and that’s why, character-wise, they beat me up.” She continued.

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Palin accused former President Barack Obama and his administration of sending “flying monkeys” to destroy his career.

The former governor said she was inundated with ethical investigations, FOIA requests, and criticism from the media that she simply couldn’t keep fighting while running the state effectively.

“The Obama administration sent its flying monkeys,” he said, suggesting it “paralyzed our administration.”

The harassment, she suggested, eventually led her to quit. Even so, he refused to admit that he had resigned.

“Every email, every conversation was vetted,” Palin said. “So there is a difference between quitting and saying enough is enough.”

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Murkowski already faces the main opponent

Sarah Palin is not the only conservative who would replace Murkowski.

Kelly Tshibaka launched an ad just over a month ago in which she portrayed herself as an outsider looking to upset the establishment. The ad featured some very Trump-like themes.

“I am a conservative, pro-life, pro-second amendment,” she says. “And America first, always.”

Tshibaka, as an Alaskan news source reports, is “closely aligned politically with former President Donald Trump.”

She also reportedly hired a number of advisers linked to the former president to assist her in her campaign to defeat Murkowski.

Palin talked about Tshibaka and had some reservations about the name recognition factor when it comes to defeating the incumbent.

“What is kind of scary is that I have been in politics, it seems like my whole life in Alaska and I never heard of it, so that made me hesitate,” Palin worried.

John McCain’s former running mate, for better or worse, certainly has the name recognition to generate interest in a Senate campaign.

Trump and Palin have shared conservative values, but also a disdain shared by both Murkowski and the late Senator McCain.

Trump has already endorsed Tshibaka, though it has more to do with Murkowski’s inability to advance the Republican agenda and do the right thing for Alaska than anything else.

“Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska,” he said in a statement. “Murkowski has to go!”

Could his endorsement possibly change if Palin took to the race?

Murkoski joined famous McCain and Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) in leaving their party and helping keep the Affordable Care Act alive.

Most recently, he had a role in the vote to confirm the appointees for President Biden who have helped revoke ANWR’s drilling permits, a potentially devastating move for Alaska’s economy.

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