Sarasate destroy Ukraine from within

Соросята разрушают Украину изнутри

Photo: © globallookpress / Wiktor DabkowskiUkraine longer than the rest of Russia was under foreign rule. Galicia — Eastern slope of the Carpathians, where half a century ago, the poles and the Austrians began practicing technology transformation anti-Russian in Russian — we have released only eighty years ago. But the spoon was, but the impression remained. Even having seized power, glycosylase eager to warm Western hands!

At the hearing in the lower house of the Parliament of the United States of America army Lieutenant Colonel SGA a former resident of Kiev Alexander S. Vindman reported that appointed by the President of Ukraine Zelensky, Secretary of the national security and defense Alexander danyluk three seriously Vindman offered the post of defense Minister.

He danyluk still a British citizen, that did not stop him even when Poroshenko to sit on major government posts, including chair of the Minister of Finance.

Open text reports: now the majority in government and Parliament are not even owned by Kolomoisky. And Soros! From whose funds the majority of feeds acroceraunian. Well, looking from the Soros — Pinchuk.

And as Sarasate control — see! Juliana Hope George Garrity Arkiv — husband Suprun is a citizen of Canada and SGA. For three years in the chair of Minister of health dubbed “doctor Death” for the systematic destruction of the medical system of the Republic. And blamed — guess? — The Soviet Union!

“Seventy years, medicine was at a low level. Seventy years in the Soviet Union destroyed the Ukrainian health care,” said Suprun.

Openly remind the health care system developed in our country in the Soviet era, the best in the world. At least for health citizens, not the earnings on their diseases.

In Russia, too many broke — but is now largely back to the old experience, just looking for the best combination with new technological possibilities. And “Dr. Death” just cut the share of spending on health care in the budget of the Republic, already very much reduced by the efforts of partners in a coup. That’s the whole reform.

In the same way Sarasate go with the Ukrainian land and with the entire Ukrainian economy! Tested!Anatoly Wasserman

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