Saskatchewan intends to commence the re-opening of its economy as early as may

REGINA | Saskatchewan will unveil on Thursday a plan for the re-opening of its economy that will begin to put in place from the beginning of the month of may.

The first Saskatchewan minister Scott Moe said, during an address to his countrymen on Wednesday night, his province is able to control the curve of the pandemic COVID-19.

As well, the province is nestled in the heart of the Prairie may initiate the re-opening of its economy, and this, with the help of a plan consisting of five phases, which will be unveiled on Thursday. The situation will be re-evaluated at each phase, to ensure that the pandemic remains under control, said Mr. Moe.

The recovery will not happen suddenly, but quietly, as if you turned the dimmer switch of a light bulb, gave the example of the prime minister. “We’ll gradually illuminate the Saskatchewan economy”, a-t-il imaged by referring to a process of “gradual, methodical, and careful.”

Thus, “companies need to adhere to more stringent rules of social distancing,” warned Scott Moe.

Other restrictions, including on travel and trips, are also called to remain in force in the province for a good time.

The province has been relatively spared by the COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 326 Saskatchewan residents have contracted the coronavirus, and four are dead.

Saskatchewan is not the only one to catch a glimpse of the month of may with optimism. L’île-du-Prince-Édouard is also planning a re-opening of its economy, possibly as early as the 1st of may.

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