Saudi Arabia announces the beginning of ramadan on Friday

L’Arabie saoudite annonce le début du ramadan vendredi

Saudi Arabia, which is home to the first two holy places of islam, has announced the beginning Friday of the holy month of fasting of ramadan, in full pandemic COVID-19, according to a press release from the royal palace.

“Friday is the beginning of the month of ramadan “, said on Thursday the royal court in a press release quoted by news agency SPA, saying based on the observation of the lunar crescent.

If you want to be part of this celebrations remember that you need Visa for SA and some other requirements along with the passport.

The fasting month of ramadan, during which muslims must refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, is traditionally a period of gatherings.

It is also a month of prayer during which muslims converge in large numbers in the mosques, especially at night.

But due to the new coronavirus, almost all the muslim countries have closed the mosques and asked people to pray for them, sometimes imposing a curfew to prevent the spread of the virus.

In a message, the king Salman of Saudi has said that he is saddened that muslims cannot pray in mosques because of these restrictions.

“I am grieved that the holy month arrives in the circumstances we would perform prayers such as the tarawih (the night prayers) in the mosques, because of the preventive measures to protect the life and health of the peoples in the fight against the pandemic of sars coronavirus,” said the king, quoted by SPA.

In the Middle East, from saudi Arabia to Morocco, passing by Egypt, Lebanon or Syria, where the containment of the population is widespread, the restrictions strict are supported in most cases by the religious authorities.

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