Save and sabotage

Sauver et saboter

Kristopher Letang is summed up well the situation. “It is impossible to achieve unanimity in such a situation. Then, as many do, it is as well that we must see the things. “

He was commenting on the rumor that the players of Pittsburgh Penguins, who will face the Canadian if the concept of protocol return-to-work is going forward, had voted against the proposal.

“We have voted in favour, without any problem. “

At the centre of the debate, of course, is the participation of the Canadian to the playoffs. In the same way as that of the Blackhawks of Chicago. And, in this regard, that the New York Rangers.

If you do the equation, you have the answer about the reasons that lead the national League to change the rules of the game, to scratch the integrity of the regular season. Professional hockey in the NHL is going to lose over a billion dollars, it is absolutely necessary to save the furniture.

Therefore, it is necessary that the three major markets of the league participate in the revival of the company.

It always comes back on the topic : Carey Price and the Canadian could they rule out Sidney Crosby and the Penguins, who finished with 15 points more than the p’tits gars the Bell centre ? Why not ? Who knows ? Corey Crawford and the Blackhawks could they rein in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl ? Why not ?

The draft

It is even thought to be given to teams like the Penguins and the Oilers, if ever, they return to the beaches after a week and a half of activities, the privilege to have a place of choice among the teams that will participate in the lottery of the draft of amateur players. In normal times, a team qualified for the playoffs may not get the opportunity to participate in the lottery.

But it has many other problems to solve.

  • The safety of the skaters.
  • The coaching of the players, coaches, employees, in a concept that is based entirely on the unknown.
  • The screening tests will they be as effective as it seems to want to anticipate it ?
  • What will be the quality of the playing surface if there will be three matches per day since the start ? Let us not forget that we will begin the competition at the end of July ?

– And what is being done with the draft of amateur players ? A folder which is not without creating headaches for policy makers in the league. All decisions taken by the teams to plan transactions will have a negative impact ?

This is especially of great concern, is that the owners and players want to save a season and risk of sabotage the next season, now that there is no guarantee that the economic recovery will inflate the income.

The season

We say that it is not so serious if you start the season 2020-2021 at the end of December. We will play the grand final of the Stanley Cup in July, ” big deal ! “.

A-t-we realized that the formula of 24 teams invited to the playoffs will leave it on the floor near 200 players, those teams left out of the stimulus ? They will compete not before next December. Nine months of inactivity. The same case will apply to players eliminated during the first round of the series.

The players involved in the negotiations as well as decision makers of the national League often say that they look at what is happening elsewhere, in other sports, and takes notes.

Agree. But baseball is a sport of summer. Football can be played at any time. The basketball also.

And hockey, summer sports ? Can we seriously think so ?

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