Saved by implant of a bullet at point-blank range

Sauvée par son implant d'une balle à bout portant

WASHINGTON | A woman who has survived a bullet received in the chest, fired at close range while she was walking in a street of Toronto in Canada, must obviously be the life in its breast implants, say doctors in a study.

The incident, which occurred in 2018, seems to be the first involving silicone implants are among the rare cases of women saved by their breast implants, according to this medical study, published last week by SAGE Journals.

The woman, not identified, went to the emergency room after having seen the blood and felt pain in the chest. During its operation, an injury has been discovered and a ball with a bushing gauge copper 0.40 (10 mm) was removed under her right breast.

Her implants have been removed and the photographs accompanying the study, as well as the results of a scanner show that the ball has crossed the implant left to go and hit the implant right.

“Based on the trajectory of the ball observed clinically and on radiological assessments, the only reason explaining the deviation of the ball is the breast implant left,” according to the study. “This implant covers the heart and the thoracic cage and, therefore, has likely saved the life of this woman”.

The surgeon Giancarlo McEvenue, one of the authors of the study, explained to the television to CNN that the bullet entered through the left side, and had ricoché to the implant on the right side.

“The implant is the cause of the change of trajectory of the ball”, he said. “On the left side are the heart and lungs – if the ball had gone in the chest (the woman) would have had an injury much more serious and potentially fatal”.

In spite of this bullet was fired from very close by full breasts, the woman has finally emerged with only a broken rib and its implants damaged. “The firearm was never recovered, and the shooter remains unknown,” adds the study, stating that a police investigation is still ongoing.

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