Saw a big bird, mongoose pretended to be dead

Mongoose decided it’s funny to fall on his back and play dead.

Побачивши велику птицю, мангуст прикинувся мертвим

On the side of the road in a private nature reserve Sabi Sands in South Africa, playing with their young relatives of the mongoose noticed a large Hornbill and decided to run up closer. However, a few inches from him, he decided it’s funny to fall on your back and pretend to be dead, informs Rus.Media.

Safari guide of the Tile, McCurdy (McCurdy Tayla) that witnessed the incident, these actions on the animals laughed, saying: “He only pretended to be dead? It was amazing”.

A few seconds mongoose got back up on its four legs, but only in order to have a moment again to collapse the body.

The McCurdy continues to laugh until a mongoose poses as a dead man, after which she noted that these actions mongoose became one of the most fun moments in her life.

“Honestly, I didn’t know what mongoose is doing like this,” she added.

Experts say that baby mongoose these your funny maneuvers tried to get the bird to play with him and the animals often roll over on his back to start the game.

Between mongooses and hornbills, there is a unique relationship, and these two creatures are often found together, helping each other in the wild.

Hornbills look larger predators, giving little mangustan the time to reach a safe haven, while in return they help birds to find insects, which they eat with pleasure.