Say whether Archbishop Jerome words that will split Orthodoxy

Произнесет ли Архиепископ Иероним слова, которые расколют Православие

Now from the words of Archbishop Jerome depends very much. Photo: ALSthe decision of the Council of the Greek Orthodox Church can be interpreted in any way. And the only commemoration of her head Epiphanios will give the answer – will there be Orthodoxy tectonic shifts.
The decision of the Council of bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox stirred the whole world. Many bishops, priests and laity, and the media took it as a confession of the Greek Church ptsu.

From various sources it became known that the decision of the Council of bishops of the Greek Church (so we will call the Synod of the Hierarchy) did not agree total 7 (according to another report, 12) the bishops of the 69 present. Therefore, under the impression that the decision was accepted overwhelming majority of votes, and so the Greek Orthodox Church broke away from the fullness of the world of Orthodoxy.

In this regard, there are a number of issues:

Recognized whether the Church of Greece ptsu?What happened at the Council of bishops?If the decision is made by majority of votes?As for the decision of the Council responded to the Orthodox world?What’s next?

Recognized whether the Church of Greece ptsu

At the moment it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, the Council of bishops ratified the August decision of the Holy Synod of the Greek Church. According to the wording of the communiqué, the Church of Greece has recognized the right of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to grant autocephaly and the right of the Primate of the Greek Church, the Archbishop Hieronymus to engage further in this issue.

The recognition of the PCU from the Greek Church will happen:

congratulatory letters that the Primate of the Greek Church, according to the Protocol, shall send to the newly elected Primate of the Local Church;when the name of Epiphanius Dumenko will appear in the diptych of the Greek Church will be proclaiming Archbishop Jerome during the Great Entrance at the divine Liturgy.To date neither the first nor the second did not happen.

This, by the way, I agree and a big supporter of autocephaly ptsu Archimandrite Kirill (Govorun). “It (the decision of the Council – Ed.) only confirmed the decision that was adopted at the meeting of the Synod in late August, he wrote on his page in Facebook. – And he made it so that dissent can read it in their own way. The Cathedral has not made any steps further than did the Synod. In my opinion, and the Synod, and the Cathedral, through the recognition of the right of Constantinople granting autocephaly was recognized and a specific implementation of this right in the case of the PCU. But they have not made any definite statements, apparently in order not to provoke the Russian Orthodox Church to break relations with the Greek Church. Final certainty in the decision EPTS will make its head when you make the first commemoration of the Primate of the DNC”.

The report of his Beatitude Hieronymus at the Council of bishops do have a sentence in which he recommends Greek Church to recognize the PCU. Literally it reads: “I propose that our Church recognized the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of the independent Republic of Ukraine”. Accordingly, we can conclude that, at least in the wording of the Cathedral there is a tangible recognition of the PCU, in the near future will follow the steps of the hierarchy of the Greek Orthodox Church, which leave no doubt in this fact.

What happened at the Council

Many bishops had requested the Church (and before that Synod) to defer the resolving of the “Ukrainian question”. A very tough stand on this issue took several metropolitans, among which should be highlighted Metropolitan Kiverskogo and Antikithira Seraphim. What he wanted was answers to all questions concerning canonicity schismatic ordinations, their repentance for the sin of schism, and of the practicability of adoption by Panaram appeal from anathematising the former Metropolitan Philaret.

The position of Metropolitan Seraphim was occupied and the other bishops, which is a lot more announced in the media the seven bishops. Many of them were openly or expressed their views on the issue in writing.

For example, Metropolitan of New Smyrna Simeon, one of the most respected bishops of Greece, believes that Ukrainian autocephaly granted in violation of the canons and could lead to a split in the Orthodox world.

Corfu Metropolitan Nectarios proposed to postpone the decision as long as it does not Express the ancient Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria. And the Church of Greece has offered to mediate in the dialogue between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates.

So the Cathedral was a very serious discussion, which was attended by nearly four dozen bishops, and in which the conciliar resolution of the “Ukrainian question” was never found.

Whether a Conciliar decision accepted by the majority of votes

Only the Cathedral was attended by nearly 70 bishops, of which 33 made statements. It is from these three dozen bishops of the seven openly declared irreconcilable positions regarding ptsu. If the word was given to all present at the Council of metropolitans of the Greek Orthodox Church, the number of opponents of the “new autocephaly” certainly it would be very significant: even among metropolitans of the “New Lands” there are (at least two) who had a negative attitude to the actions Fanara in Ukraine.

Among the dissenters were the bishops who have offered to recognize the Autocephalous Church led by his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry.

One of the most respected bishops of the Greek Metropolitan of New Smyrna Simeon believes that the Ukrainian autocephaly granted in violation of the canons and could lead to a split in the Orthodox world.From different sources it is known that the discussion of the conciliar decisions was very hot and lasted three hours. Some bishops proposed to vote for the final document by name, however, Archbishop Jerome did not listen to the proposal.

Moreover, according to the Metropolitan Kiverskogo this document generally vote was not – the decision was made personally by the Archbishop Hieronymus.

“Unfortunately, the public has received false news and information about the fact that only seven of the metropolitans did not agree with the recognition of new “autocephaly” and all the rest made for it, writes Vladyka Seraphim. – This is a big mistake, and I want to believe that it did not happen purposefully, but due to an oversight. Because the majority of the attendees did not take words, but it is, as we know, does not mean that they are supporters of the new “autocephaly””.

Thus, the possible recognition of the DNC – not the position of all bishops of the Greek Church. Details of the “Ukrainian” of the Cathedral say that among the bishops there is not that unity, numbers of supporters and opponents of the legalization of PCU may be approximately equal. And this situation will inevitably lead if not to the split, by very serious conflicts within the Greek Church.

Reaction to a Conciliar decision

Despite the ambiguity of the wording of the conciliar decisions, the Orthodox community, secular media and the dissenters perceived it clearly – as the recognition of the ptsu.

On the same day, Epiphany Dumenko thanked the Greek Orthodox Church and has promised that soon will arrive on an official visit to Athens. Expressed words of gratitude to Patriarch Bartholomew. However, he was restrained of his protégé and thanked the Greeks only for the support “of the Constantinople Mother-Church.”

Congratulated the Ukrainian Raskolnikov’s confession and the Georgian Bishop Melchizedek Khachidze. Words of joy were heard and by some of the Bulgarian Orthodox media. For example, on the website Doxologia in connection with the congratulation of the Bishop Melchisedec there was an interesting entry, the essence of which can be reduced to a statement about the falling bricks of dominos, which apparently must mean that the Church of Greece launched the process of recognizing ptsu from other Orthodox Churches.

The possible recognition of the DNC – not the position of all bishops of the Greek Church. Details of the “Ukrainian” of the Cathedral say that among the bishops there is not that unity, numbers of supporters and opponents of the legalization of PCU may be approximately equal.Close to Fanaru the website there was even a scenario in which official and full recognition of the DNC will be held this Saturday – 19th October, when at Thessaloniki with a visit to Patriarch Bartholomew.

And while Metropolitan Seraphim Kypersky after the Council said that “the big mistake is that the bishops’ Council adopted a decision on the recognition of the Ukrainian “autocephaly””, is hardly the leadership the Church of Greece will curtail this process. The ambiguous decision of the Council allows for any interpretation, but the interpretation of “for” is much more logical than the interpretation of “against”.

For example, at a press conference immediately after the Council, between Metropolitan Ierofei (a Vlahos) and a representative of one of the Greek media took such a dialogue:

Journalist: So, you recognized and 15 Local Church (ptsu – Ed.)?

Metropolitan Hierotheos: That goes without saying.

Zh: No, of course not of course.

M. I.: of course, of Course.

Metropolitan Anninsky Maxim stated that the Church “recognized the right of the Ecumenical Patriarch to grant autocephaly and the right of his Beatitude Archbishop to commemorate [the head of the DNC, Metropolitan Epiphanios]”. On a question of correspondent of RIA Novosti whether the Church of Greece to do it, he said, “We decided that the Archbishop has the right to remember, so he will do it”.

But whether the Archbishop Hieronymus to remember Dumenko or not – we’ll see on Saturday.

Meanwhile, his Holiness Patriarch Kirill during Worship October 15, in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, the name of the Archbishop Hieronymus proclaimed. 17 October session of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, which should give a canonical assessment of the decision of the Council of bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church and to take appropriate decisions.

What’s next

The decision of the August Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church that the Patriarchate of Constantinople has the right to grant autocephaly, Orthodox Christians perceived as an attempt to delay the moment of final recognition or non-recognition of the ptsu. Everyone knew that sandalow pressured both by the secular authorities and the US state Department, and, especially, from Fanara.

Therefore, this formulation could be considered as intermediate, and all points over “I” had set the Council of bishops, to which, incidentally, appealed and the Primate of the Greek Church Archbishop Jerome. However, unfortunately, the Cathedral is a unique solution was not accepted, but only ratified the formula of the Synod. And if in the first case, it was understood as a reluctance to accept ptsu, in the second – and agreement that the DNC put on a par with the local Orthodox churches.

The question of when exactly it will happen is not so important. Because, taking sly and ambiguous the decision, the Greeks have actually rejected the canons of the Church in favor of short-term requirements. All the attempts of some worthy hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church to reason with his fellows, to give the situation the appearance of a problem, but no disaster, in fact, sound like the voice of one crying in the wilderness. A voice that is heard.

That is why we can with certainty predict that the first commemoration of the Epiphany Dumenko in the Liturgy with the participation of Archbishop Hieronymus will entail the Eucharistic communion between the Russian and the Greek Churches.

The question of when exactly the Church of Greece finally admits ptsu, is not so important. Because, taking sly and ambiguous the decision, the Greeks have actually rejected the canons of the Church in favor of short-term requirements.Itself the Church of Greece is facing a severe shock, because inside her now there are a huge number of bishops, priests and laity who disagree with the actions of Patriarch Bartholomew in the Ukraine. And if now they are silent, then over time their voice will be heard very far outside of Greece.

You should also remember that Greece is now home to more than two million Orthodox, the old Calendarists, i.e. believers who did not accept the new calendar (I live in the same way as the Russian Orthodox Church and mount Athos, according to the old calendar), I think Patriarch Bartholomew is an apostate and heretic, and did not violate the dogmatic rules of the Church. It is possible that the discordant Greeks will join the old Calendarists, it is possible and the dialogue of the old Calendarists with the Russian Church.

It is also possible that the Russian Church will be forced to create on the territory of Greece his diocese to care for the faithful who do not want to dwell in the bosom of the Church of Greece in case of its evasion in split.

The variant at which the Russian Church breaks fellowship with only those Greeks who acknowledged ptsu, impossible. The Church cannot be analogous to political parties, where anything is possible the device, in particular, democratic, where everyone can have their opinion. The Church is autocratic in nature. And if some part of it enters into dialogue with the dissenters, the dissenters in this part of the becoming. And impossible, while in such a structure, simply to position themselves as “dissenters” and to classify undamaged fullness of the Universal Church.

Be that as it may, by its decree the Council of bishops has only exacerbated the situation and instead of answers raised new questions, instead of solutions have created additional problems.

At the moment, the fate of millions of people both in Greece and in Ukraine, and by and large – and the fate of the entire Orthodox Church in the literal and figurative sense depends on one word in the Liturgy pronounce or not pronounce the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church, his Beatitude Archbishop Hieronymus. Exactly the gospel: “by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned” (Matt. 12:37).Konstantin Samluk

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