Scandal Harvey Weinstein: Antoine de Caunes in support of his daughter Emma, dézingue the producer

Antoine and Emma de Caunes in Paris, February 28, 2009. — BORIS HORVAT / AFP

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Assaults known for twenty years

What told Emma de Caunes in the New Yorker is no exception : many actors, from Angelina Jolie to Gwyneth Paltrow, have denounced the actions of Harvey Weinstein, mogul Hollywood, which is, therefore, a flood of accusations for the past few days.
The behavior of the producer was known for a long time but it took twenty years for the media, which are themselves often subject to pressure from the producer, to obtain the testimony of the alleged victims.

In addition, following revelations about her husband, Georgina Chapman, the wife of Harvey Weinstein, announced on Tuesday evening in a statement sent to People magazine the split with the producer.

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