Scandal Harvey Weinstein : Quentin Tarantino finally comes out of his silence but kick into touch






Silent since the scandal broke in the center of which is a Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape, one of his closest collaborators and friends, Quentin Tarantino, remained silent. Until today.

Produced by Harvey Weinstein since Pulp Fiction, his career had probably not been the same without the enforcement, the lobbying and the protection of the one whom he has frequently referred to as one of his friends. His Django Unchained remains to this day the biggest success of the Weinstein Company.


Harvey Weinstein


While the evidence overwhelming, drawing up a portrait in the shape of a predator of the producer, Quentin Tarantino is not expressed. A deafening silence, especially in a context where several personalities from hollywood have revealed that the industry as a whole was aware of the intrigues of the nabob.

Squeezed from all sides, the filmmaker is expressed in the voice of the actress Amber Tamblyn, who explains that he spent the evening with him and receive a message to transmit, which she did via Twitter.


Tarantino on the set of Kill Bill


“Since last week, I was stunned and heartbroken by revelations that have emerged about Harvey Weinstein, my friend for 25 years. I need a few days to overcome my pain, my emotions, my anger and my memories, after which I’ll express myself publicly. “

The choice of Amber Tamblyn as a voice of course, is not trivial, the actress who recently accused James Woods for having made advances when she was only 16 years old, without a move, especially Hollywood. Remains to be seen whether the quoted comments of Quentin Tarantino will be sufficient to those who are worried about the possible complicity of the relatives of Harvey Weinstein.

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Tarantino, with a banana