Scandal WE Charity: “It makes no sense,” says Gilles Duceppe

Scandale WE Charity: «Ça n'a aucun sens», déplore Gilles Duceppe

The former Bloc quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe believes that the controversy surrounding the prime minister Justin Trudeau and the charity We Charity could take on more significance.

In an interview with Pierre Nantel, on QUB radio, the ex-politician said that the event to which Sophie Grégoire Trudeau attended in London last march, in return for which it announced it had contracted the COVID-19, was “an event of WE Charity.”

“The trip to London, it had to be paid by WE Charity. It is necessary to be aware of it”, he insisted.

For Mr. Duceppe, prime minister Trudeau should disclose “the aggregate of the amounts received by the members of his family and the expenses also.”

LISTEN to Gilles Duceppe at QUB radio:

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