Scarlett Johansson made a Frank admission

Скарлетт Йоханссон сделала откровенное признание

“In 20 years or even in adolescence, when I started acting, I realized I was hypersexualisation in the eyes of the people. All this seemed normal, but it was very different from my inner feelings,” said star kynoselen Marvel in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress believes that such sexualityandu image is the handiwork of men working in the film industry. She also thought about giving up a career in cinema.

“I didn’t understand how to get rid of the role of a naive beauty or a femme fatale, because it’s not what I wanted. I thought maybe I needed to find another job in this industry, more satisfying,” says Scarlett Johansson.

Help Wikipedia. Scarlett Johansson is an American film and television actress, singer. Most well known for her collaboration with woody Allen and Sofia Coppola, as well as the role of Black widow in the film series the Marvel cinematic universe.

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