School full-time for the new school year

L’école à temps plein pour la rentrée

The number of elective courses for students from 4e and 5e secondary could be revised downwards in many schools to the academic year, in order to meet the new requirements related to the COVID-19 and allow students to come back physically in the classroom full-time, or almost.

As wrote The Newspaper this morning, the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge has confirmed that students in the primary and the majority of those at secondary school would return all full-time in the classroom at the end of the summer, apart from a few exceptions, including matters related to health.

  • Listen to the interview of Jean-François Roberge with Jonathan Trudeau at QUB radio:

The new rules of spacing, social announced on Monday by the Quebec public Health will encourage a return to almost normal in québec schools.

From kindergarten to secondary 3, the students will keep the same group and will not be made local, with a few exceptions, for example for physical education classes.

“For the secondary 4 and 5, it is possible that, in some schools, they will not be able to keep the same groups of options. […] This is why it is important to leave the flexibility to the institutions. […] The floor of presence is therefore set to 50%”, the minister said Roberge.

A part of the course could therefore be offered at a distance.

  • LISTEN to Josée Scalabrini, president of the Federation of trade unions of education, on QUB radio:

Less options

According to Nicolas Prévost, president of the Fédération québécoise des directions d academic institution, the challenge is mainly concerned with the number of options available to suit the profiles of the students.

“It will probably be necessary to reduce the number of options [to attempt to maximize the presence in the school] The shortage of labour and the availability of premises will also have an influence,” said Mr. Prévost, who reacted positively to the announcement by the minister.

For Carl Ouellet, president of the quebec Association of senior staff of schools, school will also represent a challenge for the students who follow a course of a lower level than that of their group in a particular subject, what is commonly referred to as the “promotion terms”.

Ready for the second wave

The minister Roberge also ensures that the education system will be ready to face a second wave of the pandemic COVID-19 if it occurs.

He is counting on the emergency protocols that the different school administrations need to put in place, in particular as regards the availability of computer hardware and teaching resources.

In addition, 200 capsules educational video for 30 minutes on a variety of materials will be touring this summer and made available online this fall.

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