Schoolgirl from Sweden can win the Nobel prize

Award 16-well, the girl was nominated for her contribution to the movement to combat global warming.

Школярка з Швеції може отримати Нобелівську премію

Swedish and Norwegian politicians nominated for the Nobel peace prize to 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg for its contribution to the environmental movement, informs Rus.Media.

Thunberg has attracted public attention in August last year after the beginning of the “school strike in front of the Parliament building in Stockholm. Every Friday she stood in front of the Parliament calling for politicians to begin to comply with the terms of the Treaty of Paris to reduce emissions, saying it would not attend school until her wishes are met. Their slogans about climate change girl inspired the protests of thousands of students from all over Europe.

The Paris climate agreement – a document which in 2015 was signed by 170 countries in an effort to curb global warming. The international community has committed to reduce emissions, to spend in the near future, technological re-equipment of the entire production, as well as adaptation to climate change. President Donald trump said that the United States will not implement the agreement. He referred to the fact that, adhering to all contract clauses of the United States in 2025 will lose 2.7 million jobs.

At the end of February Thunberg held a demonstration in Berlin, which was attended by about 4 thousand young people. The young activist has congratulated German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She was invited to the UN conference on climate change and the world economic forum in Davos. The Swedish media during the recent survey, timed to coincide with International women’s day, called Thunberg woman of the year.

This year for the Nobel peace prize nominated more than 300 candidates (85 of them are organizations, 219 people). Who exactly made the list of nominees is unknown. The Nobel Committee noted that, according to the rules, neither the nominees nor the data members, select candidates, the Nobel Committee can’t be disclosed over the next 50 years.

Last year the prize was awarded to a doctor from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Denis Mukwege and Iraqi human rights activist Nadia Murad bass Taha. In 2014, the Nobel peace prize was awarded to activist from Pakistan Malala yousafzai who fights for the right to education for Muslim girls. At the time of award he was 17 years old.