Schools hockey version COVID-19

Des écoles de hockey version COVID-19

SHAWINIGAN | schools of hockey have begun their re-opening in post-COVID, to the delight of the players which, however, must adapt to a new reality.

This is particularly the case in the school of Power Skating Julie Robitaille, located in Shawinigan, where the washing of the hands, the pads of detachment on the ground in the rooms of hockey, and being denied access showers have become the norm.

“Each arena has a different protocol, it is a lot of paperwork! Normally we prepare all our summer camps for 10 weeks, then we had 10 days. For my part, I worked 100 hours in the last week,” explained Julie Robitaille to VAT New.

The measures relate to the same parents, who no longer have the right to enter the arena.

“There’s a lot of young people from 6 to 9 years, so many have arrived already dressed, without the skates. So, parents are getting young, and leave after. These are the coaches who are going to tie the skates of the players,” said Julie Robitaille.

A real challenge for the coaches

Both on the ice as off the ice, coaches must adapt in their approach with young people and, of course, do respect the distance of a hockey stick by all players.

“We had to cut the groups in half, sometimes! It is different from what one is accustomed to, even in the workouts off the ice,” said Yanic Pépin, coach at the hockey school.

Even if we must limit the maximum number of players to 30 by groups, the first shots of skating have brought back the smile on the face of several young hockey players and women.

Lack of NHL players

Only disappointment, for Julie Robitaille, this is the first summer in 28 years that she has not of players of the national hockey League at her school.

“The players are already all returned to their city. Samuel Girard is returned to the Colorado, Patrice Bergeron is to Boston. Let’s say that the big hug of my professional players I will miss this summer, but with distance of course,” said Julie Robitaille, laughing.

But the players remain positive and prepare for the return of the activities of the NHL.

“We don’t, we continue to train and we look forward to the return of hockey,” commented the attacker of the Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron.

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