Scientists 12 years looking for factors that predict personal success

Ученые 12 лет искали факторы, которые предсказывают личный успех

At the University of Pennsylvania found that long-term achievement is influenced by intelligence, strength of character and physical abilities

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania for the first time statistically measured the impact of different personality traits and factors for success. Their work is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In the study, which lasted 12 years, was attended by 11 258 cadets United States Military Academy (West point).

For each cadet, scientists have made an assessment of character, intellectual and physical abilities for 12 points. West point also provided the researchers with data about whether the applicant “beast barracks” (the selection stage, in which the prospective student spends six weeks under the guidance of senior student and learns to obey without question any orders and act strictly according to the regulations), graduated from the Academy and he was about average grade.

After analyzing the data, the researchers came to the conclusion that the probability of success largely determines the firmness of character – a set of traits, including perseverance and consistency in achieving the goal. It helps not to drop out.

The intelligence of the cadet proved to be a defining factor in getting high academic grades.

They also found that the physical abilities and determination were decisive factors in the long term.

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