Scientists call the optimal number of people for life on Earth

Ученые назвали оптимальное число людей для жизни на Земле

In June of this year, the Earth’s population to 600 million people exceeded 7 billion Based on the assumptions of science, the eighth billion people on our planet would be “superfluous” since it is not able to fully support his life.

In the XIX century, people have puzzled over the question: how many people can without any negative consequences to coexist on Earth? Then the theory about the maximum number of people on the planet was based on its volume and the tonnage of steam ships. Fortunately, the science of the last century has leaped forward. Now, experts know the limit the number of people on Earth, reasonably explaining the figure of 7 billion.

Our planet will ensure existence of no more than 7 billion people, with increases in the number of inhabitants is parallel with the deterioration of ecological condition of “home”. The land is not rubber, as cynical as it may sound. Resources are rapidly depleted, and the world leaders have concluded overpopulation in different regions.

Negative predictions are not just for people. For example, the simple fruit fly was so preoccupied with breeding that the future of their excessive amount may lead to catastrophic ecological situation.


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