Scientists call which physical activity improves memory and attention

The sport improves memory.

Вчені назвали, які фізичні навантаження покращують увагу і пам&#039ять

Folk wisdom says: “In healthy body – healthy spirit”. The fact that centuries ago knew intuitively was confirmed by studies. It turned out, exercise can improve memory and slow brain aging. The researchers argue that physical activity improves cognitive function of the brain: attention, memory, language, visual-spatial perception, informs Rus.Media.

One study showed that aerobic exercises: running, walking, aerobics, fitness improves brain health. Physical activity prevents neurodegenerative diseases: this disease, which slowly killed certain groups of nerve cells in the brain and at the same time increases the atrophy of the corresponding parts of the brain. Such diseases characteristic of older age. The most popular among them Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Here only these diseases have a tendency to “look younger” because of the sedentary lifestyle. But exercise can protect the brain from aging. Also, doctors have studied in real time, as sitting and standing, walking and running affect memory. During the study, 24 volunteers under continuous EEG monitoring solved different tasks while walking, sitting, Cycling and running. It turned out, they are best solved any problem during physical activity than while standing or sitting. Scientists believe that exercise will involve the centres of attention and memory.

Вчені назвали, які фізичні навантаження покращують увагу і пам&#039ять

But another study has proven that a sedentary way of living dulls it’s bad for the temporal part of the brain responsible for memories and language.