Scientists called traits, which have only gifted children

Ученые назвали черты характера, которыми обладают только одаренные дети

How to understand that your child has special talents that he gifted? Scientists called traits, which are indicators of talents of the child.Became known traits that from a very early age inherent in gifted children. If your child has most of these traits, but he is still very young to Express themselves, then these traits will be an indicator of giftedness baby.

Ученые назвали черты характера, которыми обладают только одаренные дети

No. 1 the Tendency to empathy

Gifted children are very sensitive. They literally feel the emotions of other people, are compassionate, too kind and soft. They do not show the hardness and aggression.

No. 2 Creativity

Gifted child thinks outside the box. The ordinary tasks he performs unusual methods, which even an adult is not smart enough, but he this way comes first to mind.

Number 3 Severity

About gifted children say that they are precocious. They are usually hard to find a common language with their peers, which they seem to be too simple. Prefer to communicate with older children and adults.

No. 4 Realism

Gifted child quickly begins to understand that Santa Claus does not exist. He does not dream to get a pony on New year. His dreams are usually realistic. He does not believe that in principle cannot exist.

No. 5 Curiosity

The talented children from birth inquisitive mind. They like to read, to learn, to learn new things, they love to learn and are often ahead of the school curriculum. A child can get involved in art or science. Asks a lot of questions about the world.

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