Scientists concerned about the state of the atmosphere of the planet Earth

Ученые обеспокоены состоянием атмосферы планеты Земля

New species of flora and fauna be on the verge of its extinction. Scientists have found the main factors affecting it.

In their view, nature is dying from the effects of volcanic and human activity. To such conclusion experts working at the University of Florida.

Scientists believe that these factors increase the atmosphere level of carbon dioxide prior to its catastrophic number. The result is a depletion of oxygen in the oceans and the mass extinction of existing organisms.

To its conclusion scientists have come after have studied the effects of volcanic activity that occurred on Earth millions of years ago. Then it was so powerful that the atmosphere was filled with carbon dioxide.

This has led to abrupt climate change and extinction of many species, which then had the planet.

Scientists have attributed this to the fact that many of the oceans demonstrate the loss they contained oxygen. Experts think, is this a harbinger of the coming cataclysm.

A considerable “contribution” to this from human activities. However, if a conditionally stable, explicit amplification of volcanic activity are very concerned about experts.

If both these factors are superimposed on each other, then nature could experience another large-scale damage.


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