Scientists explain mysterious circles on the fields of Kazakhstan

Ученые объяснили загадочные круги на полях Казахстана

The cartographer explained that the mysterious circles are not a trace of alien ships, and the usual agricultural land.

Alpamys Ospanov is an expert in the field of cartography, the study of agriculture through images from space. He said that the crop circles of Kazakhstan is not a trace of a UFO, and regular irrigation of land for field crop species. Such photos can often be seen in the pictures with Google or Yandex maps.

Old photos from the card such circles are not found, as previously irrigated plots of this type there was not, explained the researchers. Now, because of climate change the weather has become more dry, and so I had to water the field extra. “The plants are planted in the shape of a circle and in the middle figures give the irrigation system that sprays water across the field, moistening of agriculture”, explained the cause of the mysterious circles on the field of Kazakhstan cartographer.

The pictures on the gray box, you may notice the green circles that many are confusing. In the Internet there are many false facts about these mysterious phenomena. Many believe these formations are followed by alien ships, but scientists have already managed to assure that nothing supernatural about crop circles there.

Earlier it was reported that these mysterious notes in the margins in Kazakhstan forced the population to worry and to speculate about UFOs.


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